March 31, 2008

Karate Advancement Nite!

Our boys have been in Karate this year and really like going each week. They love learning and trying new sports! They are now orange belts and watch out - they have got some moves! Well.. they can wrestle me down anyway! Way to go!
Cambria thinks she's got moves too... I'd really watch out for her!
It's so much fun seeing our kids grow and learn new things! We are so proud of them and in all they have done!

It's a Princess Night!

We took Cambria & Samantha (Spencer cousins) to Disney On Ice: Princess Wishes! Don't they look so happy! These two cute girls enjoyed every minute, but the best part was watching their faces when each new princess came to ice skate for them! They really thought these princesses were there just for them! We enjoyed eating at Crown Burger & treating ourselves to cotton candy & popcorn during the show! You really missed out if you didn't go to this show! All Disney Princesses Rock! Just ask Cami & Sammy!

Karsen & Colten's year to SKI!

Colten & Karsen's first day of skiing, December 2007! These two just learned how to ski this year and since then, we haven't stopped hearing: "When can we go skiing?".."We can miss school, it's okay!" We are so proud of these two crazy ski brothers and how they have really managed to conquer the slopes so quickly!  They are really fun to watch as they race down the hill with mom & dad thinking & sometimes yelling, "please just slow down!" We can only imagine what next  year will be like on the slopes!  Absolutely Amazing! on the slopes!

Since her big brothers did so awesome on the slopes their first day, we decided to teach Cambria this year too! What an adorable ski bunny! Her first learning experience took place at the Sundance Ski Resort! She had a great day and amazed us! She's definitely a natural skier and keeps up with her big brothers! It's so fun being able to ski as a family!