May 31, 2009

Brett's Big 15 mile Run in Zions National Park

The weekend of May 15-16, Brett & his friend Chris went to Zions National Park for the weekend and ran in some beautiful scenery! Here are just a few pictures of his run!
I had to throw this pic in so you could see Brett's calf muscles! Look closely - he's really been running a lot lately! Trail running is one of his NEW things!
Just like when he was a kid... Come on.. get up!!

May 19, 2009

Spencer & Taylor KIDS

I forgot a picture of all the kids - it turned out good! So glad they could stop climbing things for 1 GREAT shot! I'm sure we'll see lots of this canyon together this summer!

May 14, 2009

Canyon + Friends = Fun

American Fork Canyon is so beautiful.. the water is rushing fast and the trees are bright green! We are definitely lucky to have this place as our backyard!
the Spencer Kids..I know, they are growing up so fast!
Cambria (5 on June 4th), Colten (8) and Karsen (7)
Brett climbing up BIG rocks with the kids! This was a very TALL rock and the kids had fun sliding down - it was so slippery!
Katelyn & Jacob climbing straight up! We had to watch the kids on this one... it was a vertical climb & they had to throw themselves over at the top. The kids thought it was EASY!
Karsen wanted to climb everything! It didn't matter how high or steep... he could just do it!
Colten, Karsen, & Cambria taking a picture for mom-
"Come on mom... just take the picture!"
Me (taking the picture) & the gang! the Taylors, Nelsons & Spencers enjoying the best grilled hamburgers ever! SO GOOD that all the men had a DOUBLE BURGER!
But what's the best part of going up the canyon?
the Spencer kids getting warm by the campfire until it was dark... then, we followed Dad home on his roadbike (up to 40 mph) and went to sleep! What a FUN NIGHT!
Can't wait to do it again!

May 12, 2009

Colten = Player of the Game!

Colten playing 1st base last night @ his baseball game while Coach Dad instructs players on the field!
Coach Dad, Colten (#13) & team "Grasshoppers"
Colten received the "STAR" Player of the Game Award for 2 BIG HITS & an awesome stunning catch while playing PITCHER position for a 3rd OUT! It was hit right at his head so fast, he didn't even realize what had happen = he had CAUGHT the BALL!
Colten's "SET UP" 
One of Colten's BIG hits of the NIGHT! Watch close, it happens FAST!

May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day 2009

There's nothing better than being a mom!
Especially to these 3 great kids! Thanks for an awesome day
Mom, Colten (8), Karsen (7), and Cambria (4)
What a good looking bunch of kids! I'm a lucky MOM!
Colten wrote me a Mother Poem: He said I'm  Marvelous Outstanding Talented Helpful  Enchanting Rare
Karsen says I'm the BEST mom EVER & drew a picture of me??
We told him for Mother's Day, I get to give him a kiss on the lips... Karsen's not fond of kissing and has avoided me all day so far! He just smiles and hides his lips when he sees me!
Cambria wore the dress I made for her.. so pretty! She told her teacher these things about me today: I have BLONDE hair.. GREEN eyes.. I'm 18 years old.. I am 6 inches high.. My favorite color is RED, I weigh 40 lbs and I love STRAWBERRIES!  I'd say she knows her mommy pretty well!
Cambria loves BUGS! She keeps trying to get me to hold them, but her daddy assured her that she is much more DARING and TOUGH than her MOMMY!

May 9, 2009

Baseball Season & Muscles too!!

Colten playing baseball.. the season has begun and the boys are playing on the same team - the Grasshoppers coached by their dad!
Colten (front) and Karsen (right) with his hat on backwards ready for another inning!
Karsen up to bat! He's a big hitter!
Karsen (middle) and Coach Dad (right) playing a little ball- they LOVE Baseball!
And I'll throw this one in just for FUN! Every now & then, we like to see the differences and similarities between the boys growing up! IT was a BIG ordeal to get these muscle shots, but I got THEM. ANd who knows.. one day they'll thank me for it!
Just for the record: Colten always wears his bottoms LOW = Karsen, HIGH!

I got it! I got it!

I GOT IT- my Dream Sewing Machine: the Elna 6600! I am so excited! Brett and the kids decided to give it to me a day early since I am doing projects and my other sewing machine has finally had it! Wowzers! There are so many new things to learn and it's going to be amazing! This is the best MOTHER'S Day GIFT ever!!
All the machine parts are built right in compartments on the machine... OH so very cool!