April 26, 2009

Our MoDeL

Just today,  I put this dress together for Cambria.. I am amazed that I pulled it off! I Guess I am getting pretty good!
Wow! I know, I can't believe I did it either - Shirring (if you know what that is) and everything! I'm so excited to try new things with this dress. Here's to becoming an Amazing Seamstress - now only to get the AmaZing machine to go with it!

April 21, 2009

Cambria is really silly!

So, the other night it was Cambria's turn to say the dinner prayer. They are always short and sweet with the basics.. bless the food, bless we sleep good, etc. But this nights was different! She cutely and out of the blue added "Bless that my brothers will find a PERFECT girl when they get older..."  the end.. It was so cute and funny that we were all smiling when she finished and the boys started to giggle! Where that one came from "I don't know"

Forgot Cambria's JUMP!

So, it wouldn't be fair if I didn't put Cambria's BIG jump on the blog! I just forgot!!
This next one of Karsen is also pretty 'rockin'! He just has NO FEAR! I can't wait to see what he'll do next year!

April 20, 2009

Spring Break... Really? GREAT!!

I know... record year! This was our Spring Break? Honestly, this is getting out of hand. It's April 16 for goodness sake! But.. of course, we enjoyed it and I even got to shovel again! Like I tell Brett - It's great exercise!
So, Brett's dad called us for a last ski day and we couldn't say NO. We went to Snow Basin where the kids got to ride in a Gondola = they thought it was really COOL! It's that thing you can see in the top of the picture.  Makes for a warm and easy ride up!
Family shot with the snowboard/ski park behind us and Huntsville,UT  in the background! It was a very warm day and we got lots of sunshine! We saw a girl in a bikini.. I know, I know- maybe next year!
Colten FLYING on this jump.. we had an awesome day in this terrain park!
and Again.. COLTEN!
Karsen's amazing AIR! Listen to his reaction at the end.. 
(mute the music playing on the blog)
Mom catching some Air .. Brett gave me the thumbs up for being "33"
THese Really ArE the LAsT SkiING Videos YoU WiLL See...

Skirts by Mom!

So, after a few friends bugged me enough, I am posting the skirts I made for Cambria over the Spring Break. They literally take about an hour and are so cute! Cambria loves them and wants me to make her more things - that's what really counts! I have a really cute dress to make for the summer, but I've got to get geared up for more of a challenge.. I'll let you all know how it goes!
Cambria showing you the 1st skirt I made... then, with a few alterations and "ME" ideas, I made this one....

April 17, 2009

Easter 2009

Kids all ready for church Easter Sunday.. aren't they cute! Cambria thought it was great that dad let her wear one of mom's necklaces.
It gets harder year after year for me to get this picture.. the boys were so mad at me! "Do we have to do it mom?" Cambria loves every second & told the boys "Come on, just do it!"
Dad & kids decorating eggs.. we like this part about Easter! I will tell you though that Brett enjoys eating the eggs more than dyeing them!
More decorating.. with yummy brownies & cupcakes to eat after!
RIgby... his tongue really is too long to fit in his mouth!
the Easter Egg Hunt
Cambria painting the Easter molds Papa Kirk made... thanks! They are fun to paint.

Kasey's FAMILY visits

Blake, Karsen, Colten & Kaden enjoying the hot tub = 3rd favorite thing to do after basketball and video games! These boys have a blast together! It's great having cousins the same age!
Uncle Kasey, Colten, Brett and Kaden out hooking up a game of basketball- I think the boys beat them a few times!
Sierra and Cambria eating Easter cookies..Mmmmm!
Cousin Sierra (almost 2 yrs old)... so cute! 
Happy Birthday! April 20th
Cambria out jumping on the trampoline.. what a girl!

April 15, 2009

the FINAL Days! Sundance & Powder Mtn.

You guessed it... time to put away the ski outfits.. (tears shedding) and wait 'til next season!
Ski season gear 2008-2009
Skiing on the very last day Sundance was open with Davy, Marin & Levi Kammer. It was a beautiful, warm day - we couldn't have asked for more!
Colten and Levi taking a break on a very steep mountain.. Watch out below! If Levi or Colten slide down - it was a very long drop!
Colten and Karsen gearing up for some jumps!
Karsen & Colten skiing with G'pa Steve @ Powder Mountain one Saturday night!
Here are 2 more videos of Colten & Karsen skiing the grinds!!

Not afraid to fall..

Yep.. that's right.. We were having an awesome day and there's nothing better than a good, powdery fall on a snowy day!
 Here's me up on my feet... Brett made me experience boarding in the powder more than I normally would - it was amazingly different and better!

April 13, 2009

Spring Break Silly Stories

So, we took the kids to see the new Hannah Montana movie and of course, they loved it! Cambria cuddled Brett the whole time with giggles and a smile - which lasted the entire movie! She sang ALL the songs and danced her way out of the movie theater. When we asked her how she knew all the songs, her reply was "  I watch the Disney channel a lot mom and you don't!" Colten and Karsen liked the movie too. (I think it's because Miley Cyrus is so cute!) I caught Colten singing her songs a few times and asked him how he already knew the songs. "Mom, I listen to them on the computer all the time." Karsen won't admit it, but he too was singing her songs "the Climb and the Hoedown Throwdown"and dancing in his seat. It was a great Monday night out with the kids!

When we got home, we had our grilled hamburgers with avocado, french fries and strawberries for dinner and then got into the hot tub @ 104! HOT!! Cambria was talking (non-stop) and told me that her new word was "AWKWARD". I asked her what it meant and she told me "it means kind of wierd". Okay, so she knew what it meant. I was puzzled and asked her how she knew that. She said "Mom, I watch TV a lot. I know what everything means!" Well - I've got to give it up to TV for at least teaching my kid new words, right? At least she's learning something from all her favorite TV shows. Which by the way are: Sonny with a Chance, Suite Life of Zach & Cody, Hannah Montana, and a new one with Demi Lavato in it.... anyway - she's growing up too fast! Most moms who have girls her age tell me that their daughters don't even care who Miley Cyrus / Hannah Montana is.. meanwhile, Cambria knows all of her songs!! What am I gonna do?

April 12, 2009

Ski-Jumping Videos

Colten, 8 yrs old  jumping at Sundance - WATCH HIM FLY!!
Karsen, 7 yrs old flying off the jump - HE HAS NO FEAR!!
Can't forget about little sis.. here's Cambria!

Sundance..the end of the Season = 2 full days of skiing!!

Sundance.. APril 2, 2009  Still Skiing!! Till the END!
It's still beautiful.. warm.. can it just snow one more time?
Mom & Cambria enjoying a day together with the boys..
The boys on the lift together. They skied alone on the slopes & passed us so many times! They thought it was GREAT!!
Karsen & Cambria taking a break... it was such a warm day Cambria didn't want to ski with her gloves! Imagine that!
Dad & Colten on flight to the top of Sundance! You can definitely tell we are getting low on  snow in Utah! Just look at the background!
Our DREAM came - MORe SNow!! & you guessed it.. we are SKIING! Again! Just look at how beautiful it was. And it snowed lightly on us all day long!
Cambria so cute in her NEW Ski outfit for next year!! What a babe!
Mom snowboarding another day - it's the best rush! I just crave it!
Karsen skiing a powdery trail.. it was so nice & fluffy!
Cambria, Colten and Karsen enjoying the newly fallen snow.. 
FLy Baby Fly - yep, it's Brett flying through the air.. 
"It's Just like old times" - he feels like a kid all over again!
ANd here is COlten taking right after him. 
Karsen too! Fly boys Fly!

Karsen's Basketball 2009

Karsen at Basketball Camp ready to inbound 
You see the kid in the middle whose feet are off the ground.. in the green jersey? That's Karsen - he blocked the shot & got it for his team!
Karsen's last day of Basketball Camp.. he can't wait to play on a real team next year! He didn't like just doing drills & practicing..
Karsen's dribbling & shot... he really has a strong determination to be a GREAT Ball-Player!
Dribble, Pass, Shoot = SCORE! He rarely misses a shot!!
If you could only see this kid play a game with us.. he's unbelievable!

Karsen's BIG Basketball B-Day PaRty!

Talk about a BIg Party! Karsen's 7th was a HUge Hit!
Of course it's another Basketball B-Day cake! What else did you expect?
You're looking at a future NBA AllStar
Basketball Boys.. Toby, Dakota, Gavin, Karsen, Garrett, Carson and Kobe
Most of the Gang.. they loved playing basketball.. especially SPEED!
Dribble, shoot, shoot some more... SCORE!

Karsen's 1st grade Performance

Karsen's 1st grade Performance.. He's the handsome boy of course!
Top Row.... 3rd from left = Spiky hair
Karsen and a girl from his class.. she's got to have a crush on him because she couldn't keep her eyes off him all night long! Karsen just smiles silly when I ask him about her. HhMmm!
A little video of the kids singing.. it was a terrific 1st grade performance!