November 21, 2008

Sleepers vs. Readers!

Cambria came into my craft room the other day and said: "Mom, look! Two cute princesses!!" Of course I had to take a picture! She loves to dress up and play with "friends"and since she has no 'sisters' to play with (which she is still complaining about), she finds others to play with!  If you know Cambria, she is not a quiet little thing. She came to Brett and I in our room a few days ago and said that her 'brothers' need to play with 'their little sister MORE'!! We talked to the boys about it and as always, She got her way!, but this was a definitely good way!
Okay, so tonight Cambria told me that she was tired & ready for bed at 8:40. I was finishing the dishes & she said she'd wait in the TV room so I could carry her to bed. Not more than 2 minutes later, I found her! When she's tired, she's definitely tired!!
I then walked down to the basement to give the boys a kiss and found.. Karsen sleeping in a bean bag. "Why"? He fell asleep listening to dad read "Harry Potter & the Chamber of Secrets! When he's tired, he's tired too! Karsen always falls asleep the FASTEST!! 
One word to add to this picture:  LEGS!
This picture was taken first, all cuddled and cozy - but this kid has the longest legs. They seem to go on forever when he's in his undies!!.. We're not kidding! We had to buy him more pants today because he is outgrowing most of what he has. He's wearing 7 slims, but needs 8 skinnys (do they make those?).  He needs the length for his oh so long legs
Back to the sleep thing.. Cambria & Karsen are a piece of cake when it comes to enjoying sleep! Colten, on the other hand, doesn't want to miss a thing! He actually has sleeping issues because he is always so worried about everything! Like what mom & dad are watching on tv; if his alarm is going to go off in the morning; if mom & dad can remember to come check on Karsen for school (when Colten was sick this week), & he also stays awake for hours in the early AM hours just because he is watching the clock. So, this was normal to see at 9:15pm. Little brother & sister sleeping, while he is wide awake reading Harry Potter. He just wanted to see what happened next... something he figured out at a very young age! I can't recall how many nights Colten would say "Just one more book mom!" which would lead most likely to 3 or 4!
The only great pay-off for less sleep = He is an amazing reader!!

Concerts - Good for the Soul!

Little Big Town was not so little.. they can all sing.. We especially like the song "Northern Town" they usually duet with Sugarland.. It was a terrifically wonderful night!
If it wasn't for Celine Dion being cancelled, we would have been there tonight!! We just have to wait until February now! Music is definitely strong in my genes.. you should hear me 'rockin out' to some really cool Christmas music on my Baby Grand lately.. I just can't get enough of GOOD music!

It's Concert NIte!

Lucky for Brett.. I love concerts!! Wednesday night, we went to Little Big Town!
CARRIE UNDER WOOD was the main star of the night!! She is one of our absolute country favorites (along w/Taylor Swift and Sugarland) but she is way more amazing in concert! This video doesn't come close to the greatness of her voice, but we had to show off! We had a blast!! Brett even said: "He really, really enjoyed the night!"

November 19, 2008

Gas Prices - what a difference!!

I just filled our van up the other day and was not sure the meter was working right.
Here is the proof !! I just had to document this...
3 months ago 
August 1, 2008... 14.96 gallons  $4.12/gallon = $61.81 to fill up
2 days ago 
November 17,2008... 16.27 gallons  $1.63/gallon = $26.67 to fill up
If gasoline stays at this price, I can actually afford to drive my van wherever we need to go!
I like that feeling!! I can now fill up all month long for the price of just 1 fill up a few months ago.. What a relief!

Family Nite Surprise!!

Our little girl is growing up! Today, Cami just looked too cute for preschool, so we snapped a quick picture. It's amazing how fast she's grown up and maybe it's because she is our youngest and final. If we could just slow her growing up down a little, it wouldn't be so bad - but she stretches every morning in her bed just to make us more mad!! She thinks its just so so silly!
For Family Nite last Monday, we surprised the kids and took them to Color Me Mine and each decorated our very own HOT Chocolate Mugs.  Our family loves to drink hot chocolate & cider all winter long and maybe even a little longer!! Now, drinking hot chocolate & cider together is even more fun!! This was a great activity and it really means a lot to them now. They show everyone who comes over!! The boys of course had to had BYU blue colors and the girls wanted  pretty girly flower ones!
Our Mugs have  a home where everyone can all see them and our family's most favorite hot chocolate in the world is STEPHEN'S MINT TRUFFLE with added marshmallos! A tradition I guess in our home... it's a sad morning (or afternoon or evening) if the kids haven't had their hot chocolate for the day! Mmmm WARM!! It's even better after a long, cold, snowy ski day which we are dying for!!

Girls Just Wanna be Girls & Princesses!

What cuter little princesses... Snow White and Aurora
What is more fun than seeing 20 Blue Genies ice skate?? 
Watching our little girls wishes come true... We had 2nd row seats (VIP seating was in front of us) It couldn't have been any better for our girls!!!
Silly princesses ready for the show.. Samantha made silly faces all night long!
We are just happy they had a blast together!
Princess Snow White all ready for the big night to begin..
Hey girls, how was the show??

Disney on Ice 2008

Another year for the Disney On Ice show... We had a blast (even though we saw the show 2 years ago)... I didn't realize it was going to be the exact same! Cambria had fun dressing up as Snow White again & many people admired her costume!
G'ma Ann, Aunt Stephanie, Cousin Samantha, Cambria & mom had a terrificly fun time at the show! A de-ja-vu picture of our last years show with the girls!
G'ma Ann & Aunt Stephanie.. cute pic girls!
Me, Samantha & Cambria waiting for our delicious food at Crown Burger! They have really yummy french fries and shakes... Mmm!
Cambria all ready for her Girls Nite Out.. all the way in the car ride to SLC, Cambria kept saying "Girls Nite, Girls Nite.. Neener Neener the boys are at home.. It's a Girls Nite!" She was so very very excited!

November 12, 2008

Cambria's man!!

So, when I showed Cambria her mommy & daddy, she wanted to dance with Troy on High School Musical too!!
Here is her lucky debut with Troy himself!!
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We're famous!

I knew Brett should have always been a performer.. check him out! I don't know what he's going to do when he sees this! Help me! It's just way too funny! My friends Jenny & Chris gave me this hilarious idea.. thanks guys!!
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Brothers ride in Moab, Utah

Here's Brett with his brand-spanking new "dirty" mountain bike!  I thought having a new "clean & shiny" bike was cool - but he informed me quite frankly that "the dirtier it is, the better!"
Here is his brother, Chadro (as we call him), in Moab, Utah. They camped overnight and I guess it was "freezing cold!"
Chad & Brett conquered the day...(until the ride down).. it always happens the last ride of the day. Chad wasn't exactly being the big brother I needed him to be and let Brett take a huge fall.. he's still injured and trying to 'milk it' for all its worth. Next time, I'll have to send both big brothers to take care of Brett!
This was Brett before the "head over the bike" fall he took which completely tore up his right arm. He was riding down some steep rocky (2 ft) stairs as he explained to me. Anyway, he's a mess.. and to think he joined a very competitive basketball league which starts next week. Looks like we have some re-cooperating to do! He's just not as young and fit as he use to be, but we are both working on that!!

November 6, 2008

A "While You Were Out" design! by me of course

So, while Brett was working in St. George, I was at home doing this! He had asked me for months not to touch his office (which I didn't), but I could handle it 'no more'! It was boring and out of control! I just have to say that "he asked for it" due to his inevitable procrastination!
He knew I was up to something, because of my giddiness on the phone calls, and wished that I wasn't doing exactly what he thought I was... Did you think I would actually listen with him being miles away?? I love how it turned out! I hope he does too!
I just had to add a few of my touches which probably won't be around for long!
He only didn't like 2 things I did... 1. The ribbon key to my heart (Cheesy, I know, but I thought it would help him keep it there) which he won't and 2. fake books to hide things in. (He only likes real books displayed) Overall, not too shabby of a job. Oh - I have to use different fabric for the curtains.... he didn't like them because they matched too good!
So, when he got home, this was revealed (as I was sweating bullets) and a HUGE SMILE came across his face!  He was happy and said 'he could live with it." I am sure there will be changes and additions; so before he ruins the room - I took these pictures to remember what it was like before he took over! Be nice to it honey!.. please.
And last but not least - this happens EVERY TIME Brett is gone..!!!!!
Welcome winter and the skiing season.. The kids asked me if we could go skiing when the storm came & were very disappointed when I said we needed a few more storms this big before it is time to ski! Keep 'em coming!

Football Fun!

So, the morning after Halloween, we had Basketball games (Colten) and Brett played football.
Here are the biggest fans and cheerleaders!
Hey Brett... make sure that man's covered.. 
Okay, let's pull it together team.... they had an awesome first game - but the playoff game was lacking with energy. I don't blame them - the games were back to back! 
These men are not as young as they want to be!!
Cambria with kids from her Pre-School. She likes the boy in the blue & white costume.. Carson. That's her boyfriend, but nobody tell him! SHHhhh!
Cambria dressed up as Snow White for her school party!

November 3, 2008

Batman, Recon Commando & Snow White = Halloween Costumes 2008

Okay, so I am gonna brag and say that Cambria outdid all costumes and Halloween Trick-or-treaters of the night!! Just take a close look at this girl - we are so lucky!! She was the cutest and best red-headed Snow White ever -- (I couldn't get myself to spray her gorgeous strawberry blonde hair BLACK = too risky!!) What a beautiful girl!! She was so excited for this night and ate up every second. She knew she ROCKED!! 
Snow White hiding from the Big Bad Wolf!
Just too darn cute!!
All ready to Trick-or-Treat-- she got so many compliments on her costume thanks to her G'ma Sue! She even got to choose her own treat at many homes because they said - "SHe is the BEST Snow WHite of the NIGht!"
SNow White's photo shoot --
She's got some pretty cute smiles!
Her entire costume.... so perfect and beautiful!!
Thanks again mom & good luck tomorrow - She's running for city council.
Snow White with Batman and Recon Commando!
Karsen doesn't like wearing masks, hats or paint on his face (although there is a little leftover from his day at school). So, he basically looked like this when he trick-or-treated!
When he should have looked like this...
Luckily, he let me take one shot of him fully assembled -- it was almost torcherous for him!!
You think he could have trick-or-treated with his half-mask... no way!!
Brothers ready to party Halloween NIght!
Colten wanted to be so many things this Halloween, he couldn't make up his mind.... so, he ended up with the Dark Knight Batman costume! He really did end up being a great Dark Knight Batman - his body build is perfect for it!
the Dark Knight Batman
Colten couldn't wear his face mask to school (rules), so we drew a Batman symbol on him - it turned out awesome! He loved it!
The best studly BATMAN of the NIGHT!!
SO, in all efforts to have cool and fun costumes, (which I dread finding every year) - we ended up happy and can't wait to see what they decide to be next year! Every year, the boys only want to be NINJAS - it always starts out that way and then I make them keep thinking... luckily, it all turns out GREAT in the end!