July 20, 2009

Married 1997 - 2009

12 yr Anniversary - My oh My how time flies - with you, it's so AMAZING and FUN! What more can a girl ask for.. I hope the next 12 years are just as awesome as the first! Love you babe!
We went out to dinner and a movie; The PROPOSAL! We laughed, I cried, and we laughed some more! We've got to see that one AGAIN!

July 19, 2009

Heber City, Park City & Olympic Park

If you have to find a reason to drive through Heber City - this is it! This is the absolute BEST BURGER joint across the nation! Their TRAIN burger is the BEST in the STATE!
The kids outside waiting to eat on a train... choo choo!
MOM'S MEAL = the BEST! A Fresh Strawberry milkshake, Bacon Cheeseburger w/ ham, french fries & Dr. Pepper! CAN IT GET ANY BETTER (unhealthier) THAN THIS? I think not.
Cambria having a little fun!
 I can't believe how big she's getting!
After Heber City, we landed in Park City where the kids spent lots of time in the bounce house park! There were about 5 different bounce toys to play on. They were so happy that their dad splurged & let them do this -  if you know Brett, this is not really his thing!
Colten shooting out of the King Kong Dragon slide.
Climbing up..
Like Brother, like brother...
Cambria & Karsen just couldn't get enough!
Olympic Park, Park City Utah. I can't believe it's taken us thing long to go see where the Olympics were held in Utah. We take too many things for granted that are right around the corner from us.
There are two ski museums in the Park. We saw only one while we were there, so we are definitely going back soon!
The kids just seeing what it's like to sit in a REAL bobsled!
Okay, we're READY!
The museum has fun hands-on activities for the kids and it's all FREE! Brett's playing a video game where he is racing down the slopes! WAIT! He's not a KID!!

Park City Adventure Videos

Here's Cambria sliding down the longest and steepest slide.. it was so much fun! 
The kids had a blast playing on many bounce houses for about 45 minutes.. When their time was up, they were completely sweaty and tired!
Karsen & Colten racing in a bouncy maze!

July 10, 2009

Cambria's new haircut & my purse!

Cambria's first pictures of her NEW look! We love our shorter hair.. just check her out!
Cambria's always gotta be silly when taking a picture!  Her hair is so adorable on her and so much fuller now! 
A project my mom & I started and I finally finished a few weeks ago.. I have started another one and it's so cute! They are so much fun to make!

July 6, 2009

the NEW haircut..

It's been a very long time since I have had hair this short, but I absolutely LOVE it! A few of you asked me to post some pics, so I am. Cambria helped me take these and she's very proud of her pictures!
Cambria's hair appt. is scheduled this Friday.. we'll see what she lets me do!

4th of July Videos

the F-16 jets  fly-over
local dance performers
Jonas Brothers (& crowd)singing "Gotta Find You" from the show CAMP ROCK - this was one of the kids favorites!
AMAZING Fireworks SHOW! This is just a glance of what we saw!
Last favorite song of the kids from the JONAS BROTHERS "Play My Music"


Brigham Young University 
"Stadium of Fire"  2009
Our first year to attend the Stadium of Fire 4th of July Celebration since we moved to Utah, and I don't think we'll miss another one EVER! Especially, if the kids get to decide and Brett doesn't get a vote!
We had great seats right next to the firework BLAST-OFF point and right next to the stage! It couldn't have been better!
The performances were very well done and the kids were impressed!
The 'fly-overs' by the F-16 Fighter jets and helicopters were absolutely fantastic!
as Cambria told Brett... "these are the REAL JONAS BROTHERS DAD - the REAL ones!"
Cambria's long locks of hair dancing to the JONAS BROS.
Karsen chillin' with dad at the concert...
Cambria singing "GOTTA FIND YOU!" with the Jonas Brothers  - she was so excited and had a blast that she even told Brett at one point "I wish MOM could marry Joe Jonas.. that would be COOL!"
I caught Karsen in action.. SINGING!
Colten too.. they loved the concert!
the FLAG which has flown for years at BYU and during the OLYMPICS in SLC was retired this night! We witnessed an absolute amazing Burning of the Flag Ceremony - you don't get to see that very often. The flag measured 60x100 ft.
the Retiring of the Flag Ceremony. It was carried in by many soliders, laid in the ring you see and then burned. It was so quiet in the stadium... I'll never forget that moment!
Just an ounce of what we witnessed that night.. It was a night like no other 4th of July for our family! What an incredible experience and I can't wait to go year after year. In Cambria's exact words.. "Mom, I hope you buy these tickets online every year so we can come here!" You can bet she and I will at least be there as long as we live here!

Brett's 1st Biathlon Race

I know this happened a few weeks ago, but I still wanted to blog it.. Brett raced in his first Biathlon with friend, Mark (pictured here in the red jersey) at Soldier's Hollow.
Brett (in the blue & black jersey) @ take-off!
Ready, Set, Ride!
He actually has a pretty good shot! This was the best part!
Brett riding again...
Does anybody recognize this guy? - SURVIVORS (TV show) ONE and ONLY = TYSON! Yes, he was at the race and I met he & his mom - she's a sweetheart and he's a heart-breaker! It's okay girls.. Brett was racing at this point and didn't see... HEE! HEE! You bet I'll be at all Brett's mountain bike races NOW!
Although I'm not sure how much of the race they really watched... Hmmm!
Mark & Lana's son, Gabe picking up on a cute girl.. and I might just add - this boy can really GO GO GO on this bike.. You should see him!!

July 1, 2009

Colten tearing it up!

Colten still loves to skateboard and is tearing it up lately! The boy has NO FEAR when it comes to ripping it up on the skateboard or ripstick! He's having a great summer and we just hope there are no big accidents!! He normally wears protection, but we were just heading to WalMart when he showed me his new trick!

One Rainy, Stormy 1st of July??

Some things just take time to finish. Brett built these planter boxes on the side of our house and we are finally finishing up the planting. We've planted tomatoes, corn, squash, lettuce, green beans, strawberries, watermelon, peas, basil, green bell peppers and cilantro. I guess we'll just have to see what really grows well. My G'pa Cal and dad can grow just about anything, so I'm hoping I inherited a little bit of their luck in the garden!
Corn, Lettuce and Squash (Don't know why I planted squash - I don't even like it!)
Strawberries & Watermelon
Tomatoes (Don't like them either, but maybe they'll make spaghetti sauce? (Anyone have a recipe?) Okay - I guess I'll just let Brett eat them!
"And the RAIN came TUMBLING DOWN "
So, what's with this crazy weather? You're not going to believe it, but earlier today, the kids and I went swimming and it was HOT! This happened 2 hours after we came home. The kids want to slip 'n' slide right now, but I can't seem to get a break from the weather to set it up. Gonna have to wait 'til tomorrow. Anybody seen INKHEART? Great movie - we watched it last night as a family, so maybe we'll go watch it again! P.S. Brett is doing okay. He's recovering slowly.
Here is what else we (or I must say "i") finished today. A little while ago, Brett built our garden boxes and we are just filling them. We still have more rocks to load around the boxes, but we are mostly done! We are excited to see what fruit and vegetables successfully grow this year!