August 31, 2008

Bring on the snow & some new teeth!

So, the Spencer Kids are all ready for the 2008-2009 ski season. We went yesterday to the BIG Sniagrab & hooked all the kids up with their ski gear! It's gonna be an awesome year! We can't wait to go! Is there any way to ski in warmer weather though?? I wish that could be the case.....
So, Colten lost a tooth.. Here is a silly picture of him... He's so happy because it came out in a cob of corn... no pain.

Cambria's 2-wheeler debut!

Cambria riding her 2-wheeler up to her friend Ben's house!
Cambria on her 1st ride on the bigger 2-wheeler!'s 2-wheeler time!

Our little girl is riding a 2-wheeler now! We've been waiting for this day since her brother Karsen learned at 3 and Colten learned at 4. Now, it's her time and she's taken off just like she did on snow skiis - no fear in her! We are so proud of her! Now, all she wants to do is practice all the time.
Cambria and her coach (daddy), on a few of her first attempts.. maybe she's a little nervous here!
Everyone must fall.. but she took it tough and laughed so much! She would actually try to fall onto the grass and has some amazing jump offs!
Now, it's on to the next big bike.. that one was too little real fast! She's got some pretty long legs!
Here are the boys showing the bikes they actually learned on the Summer of 2005! It's amazing how fast they grow up! Now, Cambria has taken over both of these bikes!

August 28, 2008

Cambria's 1st College Experience

I rarely share family stories online but this was a good one! Cambria and I were laying in her bed and we had just finished reading a 'Strawberry Shortcake' book and 'Duck in the Truck' when I told her that next year she gets to go to school and when she's bigger, she gets to go to college! I then told her that I'm going to miss her when she goes to college. I couldn't have guessed her reaction. Cambria tucked her head into my chest, wrapped her arms around me and squeezed me so tight and then tears started flowing. She cried so hard and said "Mom, I'm gonna miss you too!  I don't want to college because then you won't have a little girl at home anymore and you'll be alone!" What a sweetheart! About this time, I tried to console her and tell her it was all right to go to college when she was bigger because daddy and I went and she'll be so smart. I even said she could go to BYU where I went and she could still live at home in the basement with all her friends! She didn't want to! She didn't want to go at all. She couldn't stop her crying and I really mean the tears were flowing so hard that her pillow was soaking wet in areas. I heard Brett coming up the stairs from the boys and had him come into the room. (I don't know if it was a good idea or not because this is what he did.)
I told him quickly what had occurred and he sat next to Cambria when she reached over and gave him a great big hug too! He said "I will miss you too!!" Totally making the problem worse again because he made her start crying hard again. They exchanged conversation about college when I heard her finally say "I don't want you to say that word anymore, ever again!" "I don't like that word." Brett was still acting so sad to be missing her that I finally had to pinch him and make him stop making her keep crying. It was so sad and cute at the same time. We couldn't help but giggle at her completely girly reaction to 'going to college'. What a cute girl though - she was more worried about us being all alone and not having a little girl anymore. She again told us (which occurs almost daily) that we would have to buy another little girl so we wouldn't be alone. Good thing they grow up to understand the child thing better! Well, that's our story about Cambria and her first ever college experience!
Also last night, we were sitting around the dinner table when dad and the boys went down to go to bed and Cambria and I stayed until she was finished eating. While Brett was there, I asked him to do the dishes since it had been awhile since he had a turn and he's really good at helping. I was so tired that night. Of course, he took the boys to bed first. When he had gone down the stairs, Cambria turned to me and said "Mommy, you do the dishes. Daddy always does them." Wow!!  I smiled at her and said "Cambria, Mommy has done them all week, I've done all the laundry (which there seems to be a lot lately), mom cleaned daddy's garage out and I'm tired. It's daddy's turn to help tonight."  She looked at me only a short wink and said "Okay, you're right. It's dad's turn."  She then laughed and yelled, "Dad, it's your turn to do the dishes, not mom's!"   I am so glad I have a little helper to keep dad in line.

Don't mess with Cambria when she sings!

CAMBRIA had a great day playing outside with her friend Ben and doggy Rigby.
Cambria always  has a smile on her face when she holds Rigby.  But Rigby told me he just wanted me to snap the picture fast so he could try to wiggle his way down and run away!
Cambria singing outside yesterday..... I was wondering what was going on because she had Ben over to play and all I heard was her singing at the top of her lungs. I peeked outside and she was inside her playhouse perched on a seat in the corner singing with such determination to "act" like the real thing! Ben came over and was yelling "Cambria, Cambria" when Cambria peeked her head out of the playhouse and said "Ben, don't talk to me when I'm singing my songs!" She said it with such little girl attitude and her body language was hilarious. She turned around and sat back on her seat and finished her song completely. If only I'd have caught that on tape! Then she ran to play with Ben. Her singing practice time was over! The Next thing I caught was this....
Good thing Rigby has patience for Cambria.. he actually has no choice!

August 26, 2008

Cambria's cutest Bathroom!

So it's amazing what you can get done in a day! This morning, I completed decorating Cambria's Bathroom! She was so amazed! She ran in and gave me the biggest hug and said: "I can't believe you did this today! I love you mom!" Now if that just doesn't make your heart melt!
Cambria definitely can be a Drama Queen! She knows exactly what that sign says and we put her cutest pictures on the wall. By the way, she loves the colors pink and purple!
Another great picture to show her personality! She has so many distinct poses she does and faces she makes - it's fun to capture them when I can.
Her Bath area and shower curtain..
And of course, one shot with her to show you how HAPPY she was! And to think that this picture doesn't even come close to the excitement she showed!

Boy Bathroom & Bedrooms

So, I have made some amazing progress on the house and it's fun to share! This is the boys bathroom downstairs in the basement! They love it and I like it just a little too!!!
I added pictures of them at the beach this summer to go along with the theme! They took some pretty good shots! This is Karsen of course!
And to the far left is Colten's beach picture!  The sandcastle picture of the both of them is their very most favorite!
Here is an updated shot of Karsen's Monkey room.. still a little to finish. I want to paint something fun and have a few more things to hang up on the wall.
Colten's room is a little more behind! He can't decide if he wants me to do a sports theme or just a skateboard room. Maybe you can help us decide!

Basement Entertainment!

The basement is getting more and more fun! Brett brought home this cool bean bag from Bean Bag Universe and now it's really fun to lounge downstairs. The kids rarely want to be upstairs anymore. Not only is the tv cool, but having the Wii hooked up to it is definitely what the boys are thrilled about! Now if I can only get them to come up for dinner!
You'd think we've enjoyed some great movies here.. not yet actually! I don't know why either!
The air hockey table is actually being played more that it is downstairs where it is cool! And to top it off, we have a fun popcorn party popper to have some pretty fun parties eventually! Thanks to G'pa Bill for getting it for my parents.. we'll really enjoy it!!
Thanks to Chad (Brett's really talented brother) for hooking up our stairs.. they are so so soft! Just don't forget about our Master bedroom.. we'll haunt you down until it's done!!

August 25, 2008

Canyon Camping Photos

Mom and kids going for a little hike back behind where we camped!
Our family enjoying a hike in the great outdoors!
Just a quick pic of all the kids... they had tons of fun!
Our family.. the boys were great protectors for us all! They even scouted out deer tracks and fresh elk poop!
Brett insisted I get out & he take this picture since I rarely get any.  It was a gorgeous drive and we were living on the edge all the way down!

Our Backyard.. American Fork Canyon

We went for an overnight camp-out up American Fork Canyon with our friends, Angie & Stan & their boys, Tyler & Luke. I have to say that we didn't just camp up the canyon, but way up the canyon. The roads we took were as I would say "a little CRAZY!" We are glad that we did it though. Brett didn't give me much credit while I rode up on the steep side of the trail.. On the way back when he was on that side.. he gave me more credit!! And here's Angie & Stan barbequeing up some chicken wings..MMmmmm!
Camp Cook, Brett, cooking up some good 'ol hobo dinners as he calls them.  They were... "OH SO DELICIOUS!"
Camp Cook Stan cooking up some breakfast; yummy, cheesy scrambled eggs as Angie supervises.   Colten, Karsen and Luke just waiting around the campfire to eat. It was a cold morning! 
Camp Princess Cambria showing just how a camp princess should be waited on. "Hey dad, are those eggs & bacon ready? Could you bring them to me too?"
Camp pyrotech, Tyler Davies making the most of the campout by playing with the big fire! He really liked catching his stick on fire and watching it burn!

Cambria's Best Friend!

Ben and Cambria playing on the front porch, aren't they just so adorable!
Another silly picture of these two! They love to hang out - if you could only be there to watch them together. It's so cute!
Thompson, (Ben's brother) Ben and Cambria playing treasure on the front porch.

August 22, 2008

I've got the Touch!

Not only do I have the magic touch on the keys, but in decorating too!  My talent to change a room for  the better over the years has definitely grown. I've had my share of "bad" decorating sense, but have come to know what I love! Brett keeps me in check for the most part - but the only check he had on this room was the $$$. We did pretty good babe! Now, the "Grand" piano has a matching "Grand" new room to make its home! I have had a chair that belonged to my  Great-Grandmother and my husband (who I thought really really loved me) wanted to throw it away! As you see here... I won! I re-upholstered and painted it.. it's so pretty and reminds me of her. The china hutch was my mom's and I revamped it too! I have really enjoyed decorating this room! Cambria's bathroom and toyroom is next. Watch out!! Brett says I sometimes over do it - no really, honey!

August 21, 2008

Cambria's growing up!

Cambria on her first day of Pre-School! She's going to a new Pre-School next to the boys' Elementary School... so she is getting so big!
I'm no trouble!
So innocent!
Yeah, I know I'm getting big!

First Day of School 2008-2009

the Spencer Kids are all ready for their 1st day of School ... even Cambria! I love how she is leaning on her big brother Karsen! She loves her "boys" as she calls them.
Karsen's in 1st grade and Colten's in 2nd grade.. They are excited to be able to play together and eat lunch together! Most of the time, they are inseparable!
It's hard to believe how fast they grow up! Karsen has always been a silly kid and luckily... that hasn't changed!
Colten, the biggest brother, has always been more serious in a smart way. Everything has to be right!
Cambria, starting her 2nd year of Pre-School, is a perfect combination of her two brothers... Smart and Silly!
We are excited this year to see how they grow and learn!
Every morning, Cambria wakes up and tells me she "grew a little more in her sleep!"
We tease her and tell her she'll always be our little girl, but she is so determined to "GET BIG".

It's Soccer Time!!

Here's Karsen taking a goal kick for his team. He is one of the younger players, but does his best! He has his height to his advantage!
Colten is quite an amazing goalie! It was his 2nd day, but he did great! His coach needed a "big kid" to be goalie. We played a tough team, but after they put Colten in, they 0nly scored once!
Karsen playing offense as his brother defends the goal! Karsen's not particularly fond of running...
Colten, the GOALIE!!