July 30, 2008

Summer Fun!

Here's Colten on a backhand follow through! He only has 1 more day of lessons and he is still loving it! I am happy to see how much he has learned in this short of time. It has been a great activity to keep him learning new sports this summer!
Colten and Karsen after another day of Basketball Camp! What good-looking brothers!
Cambria wanted a picture with her brothers! It turned out really good! Way to go guys.. all looking at the camera!
Cambria got a cute hair cut today! Thanks Sarah! ... it looks great! Cambria likes it the most because she can "swish it around" more now!
Only 2 1/2 more weeks until school starts! Enjoy the rest of your summer!

July 29, 2008

Cambria singing "Camp Rock!"

Cambria loves to sing songs from the Disney Movie "Camp Rock". All the kids know quite a few of the songs and are singing them everyday! I had her sing one for me..it's pretty funny!

July 28, 2008

Boys Basketball Camp Week!

Josh(a friend), Colten and Karsen started Basketball Camp this week and had a great time their first day. They got these t-shirts and are all on the same team! They played their 1st game today and won 15-0! It is a 1st and 2nd grade camp they play in, but I don't think many teams have a chance...these boys are big boys and athletic! Basketball is one of their favorite sports!
These guys like to play together.. Basketball is on the top of this weeks playing time! Go Ahead... Challenge them to a game of ball!  You may wish you never did! I'll at least give you one piece of advice...practice up first!

July 27, 2008

Utah Storms..wonderful, beautiful!

Cambria's 1st soccer game ever!

A very exciting day for Cambria as it was her first real soccer game. She was so excited and couldn't wait to kick the ball "so hard!" She may be my only little girl, but there is nothing little about her. She's one tough cookie! Just ask her about her first game..she was in a big "doggy pile" and guess who was on the bottom? Cambria! Karsen said "ooohhh, that's gonna hurt", but Cambria got out of the pile, looked at us and smiled so big! She told us some of the kids tripped and landed on her - "but it's okay".What a girl!!
Cambria throwing the ball into her teammate...What a cutie Cami is on the field!
I caught this picture and didn't realize just how funny it was until I saw it at home! I only wish I knew exactly what she was thinking!

Les Miserables Nite

While in St. George, we went to the Tuacahn Theater and saw the musical Les Miserables. It was amazing! The kids did great, but it was a long nite. The music was awesome and the orchestra that played for the show did fantastic! We really enjoy these outings and if you've never been to a show there, you must go!
Our family at the show!
Karsen begged his daddy to carry him to the car...actually, we didn't have a choice. This kid was out for the last 30 minutes of the show.. it ended at midnight! 

Our adventure in St. George!

Brett says.."Let's go on this really cool hike my brother Chad told me about!"  Well, here's the short story of our adventure!! Starting the hike off wasn't so bad - Tight Quarters, but we manage, even with a few hesitations from Mom. "This just doesn't look fun honey" I said.
"Come on babe.. it's really not that bad, you can do it!" says Brett. Colten on the other hand is not quite so sure about following his dad.
After Brett faces defeat, he gently turns (well, not really.. he can't move his head) to me and says: "Okay, so I can't get through...You're gonna have to go after the kids!" Karsen and Cambria were way ahead and climbing higher and higher.
After squeezing through the skinniest and deepest crack I've ever been in, I finally see why it was No Wonder Brett didn't fit!..this is what is looked like from above! Sorry honey, it's just not meant to be conquered by STRONG, MUSCULAR Guys!
Cambria & I coming out of the top...a piece of cake! One success ahead of Brett! Wait just a second.. did I just do something he couldn't do?? (That never happens - unless you include cleaning bathrooms or folding the laundry.) THE END!

July 26, 2008

Time in St. George

We just took a short, but fun trip to St. George. It was scorching HOT.. but we still took short hikes, swam and had a blast!
Brett and the kids climbed up on this big rock!
Despite the heat... they were all smiles and having fun!
Mom & the kids after we climbed out of the skinnest, narrowest rocks ever!! You'll see in the earlier pictures! Brett didn't even fit they were so close together! His chest is too thick!!! (I think it was his chest anyway!)
Karsen taking a rest after enduring a big hike through the narrowest canyon ever! Some people even call it the NARROWS!!
Just Beautiful St. George!! One word to describe it this week...HOT!! 

July 22, 2008

Colten's Tennis Lesson Video

Here's a short video of a day of tennis for Colten.. they were playing a game and Colten got down to the last 3 guys! He is doing pretty good seeming as he is the youngest kid there!


We have had this piano in our family for years. It is an Emerson & Co. and is very old. It is dated Oct. 23, 1896. My grandparents bought it for their children to learn, but it really got played more by the grandkids! This was my first piano that I learned on as I grew older and accomplished the art of playing.  Music is, always has been and forever will be a huge part of my life..and will be in my chidren's lives also. That is why my so amazing and cool husband bought me (& our family) what you see below!
SO, this is the Anniversary Grand Surprise! Brett took me by the Music Store in Orem and had me play around on a few pianos that I might wish to have since they were having a gigantic sale! When I sat down and fell in love with this one.. he said "It's Yours!" Emotions were so strong that I cried like a baby in the store! The manager thought it was so cute and said they hadn't seen that reaction in awhile. (Just leave it up to me!) I was so overwhelmed with feelings and so so happy..they found out that my DREAM had COME TRUE!  I couldn't believe that I was already going to get a Baby Grand Piano! Anyway, Brett made me the happiest girl ever that day! 
I was too excited... I played the second it was set up!

July 21, 2008

Enjoy our 1st SlideShow!

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Anniversary Get Away!

What an amazing get away to Park City for our 11th anniversary! Brett took me to the Deer Valley Concert Series the night of Tchaikovsky's 1812 Overture. We also heard songs of our country, a tribute to Elvis and an arrangement of Billy Joel songs! The symphony is amazing...but the best part of the night will be blogged tomorrow...when it arrives safely at our house! Stay Tuned!! Then, you'll really see how lucky I am to have a guy as great as Brett! You'll see!! I can't wait to show you!
11 years together and still cute as ever!
These are the cannons which were fired at the end of the show!
We had a great view and just relaxed on a blanket as we watched and listened!
It couldn't have been more beautiful of a night!

Colten's 1st summer tennis camp

This is Colten's 1st year taking summer tennis lessons and he absolutely loves it! Just ask him!! He's learned a lot and is ready to take on mom in a game (at least he thinks so). You see, I have been playing too - when my leg hasn't been injured. My serves have never been stronger and I am playing better than I ever have! Tennis is a great sport and I hope to see all our kids playing it for a very long time. Karsen wanted to play with Colten this year but you have to be 7 to take lessons.  Next year buddy - it's always next year for him.! He's tired of hearing that- they should have just been twins!
Colten showing his forehand technic! Not bad.
And then, there's the backhand - he's learning quickly on this swing too! It's the harder of the two, but he's getting the hang of rotating his racquet! We're proud of you Colten!
Next week, both the boys start Basketball Camp! Watch out! They are tough on the court!

July 18, 2008

Today..Our 11 year anniversary!!

Today is our 11th year wedding anniversary and we couldn't be any happier! We are excited to be where we are and to have such a fun marriage and awesome family!  We've definitely grown and learned many lessons together in our marriage and anticipate each year to see what we've accomplished! We are extremely proud of our three kids...Colten, Karsen and Cambria and growing up with them is extremely cool! They truly BRING OUT the FUN in our family! Here's a look back at a few pictures to see how we have grown!
A picture of Colten Brett, "Buddah" in this pic.. I think he's about 6 months old! He was tons of fun and so handsome! Just look at all those rolls..so cuddly! (Born Feb 2001)
13 months later (March 2002) we grew to two boys..Karsen Chase joined our family quickly and very sneakily! He is definitely the funny, most spontaneous one in the bunch! We never know what we are going to get out of him! He just loves to make everyone laugh!!
Then came our spunky little girl.. Cambria Naomi (June 2004) and we decided to call it quits! Our family was complete! Two boys and a girl is all we could ask for and we are so glad to have each one of them! They are so different (hair and all) and each bring something crazy to our family.
And yes! this is who started is all... 11 years ago today and we don't regret any of it!! Just look at these two kids...what were they thinking??  And who imagined and believed it would all turn out this great!! WE DID!!! Happy 11th year Anniversary honey! I love you!!

July 16, 2008

Colten's very 1st concert..American Idol 2008

Here I am taking Colten to his first concert...American Idol Tour 2008! He was so excited!! I remember going to concerts as a kid with my dad & I hope to share those experiences with my kids as I have found that they love music as much as I do!
Here is Colten holding his 1st concert tickets. He didn't stop smiling & screaming all night long! The concert was amazing, fantastic, awesome and the best night of the tour yet they said!!
One of mom's favorites: Michael Johns performed out of this world! His singing brought chills!
Brooke, Ramiele, Michael, Carly, Chikezie & Kristy performing "In the Name of Love"
And of course, only from Utah...one of Colten's favorites...David Archuleta!!
I wouldn't have traded this night with Colten for anything else other than I wish I had taken Karsen too! Both the boys spend hours together on the computer & you tube singing many songs! Their favorites are Camp Rock, High School Musical 2 and the Jonas Brothers!

July 14, 2008

Another Bathroom to Clean!

Here are some pics of our newest bathroom.. now we officially have 3 1/2 bathrooms. I personally think it's time Brett cleans at least 1! Well, we are finished!! It's quite amazing and sometimes unbelieveable, but we did it or I think I can say for the record... Brett did it!He has been working so hard to finish the bathroom - the last of the projects..at least for now! He would like to build shelves soon in the garage, build a patio cover in the backyard,extend our laundry room & add a 3rd car garage..okay so the list does go on and on,  but this was a gigantic accomplishment for him. He completely (with a little help from my muscles) finished the bathroom himself! All the way from tiling, grouting, installing the toilet, wiring the electrical (all of which works), putting in a vanity and granite countertop, mirror and lighting! He even hung the light you see which was an undertaking since the outlet box was not centered. He is amazing and I guess I have to give him more and more credit for being so handy!

He also hooked up all the plumbing to the toilet, sink faucet and bathtub/shower!  If it ever leaks...... I'll still love you. Isn't is beautiful though? My only wish is that is would always stay this clean! Probably not since it's officially the boyz bathroom! He did let me flush the un-used toilet first! It was so cool that it worked.. you just had to be there!
The other end of the shower! He really did do a grat job with the tiling..the lines are perfect!! He also had the idea to put a bench in - a very new concept in high-end bathtubs! (Ha Ha) He also added the cool shelving and we love the high border which adds the coolness factor! Put it all together and the boys will tell you that their bathroom, solely to be theirs (and whoever else dares to use it) is the coolest ever! And mom hasn't even got to decorate it yet!!
Karsen's room in the basement is coming together since he gets to keep the monkey room, he has all the decor he needs already! We are still working on it and want to add cool paint to the wall above his bed..that will take time! Colten's room is going to take a little longer since he wants a skateboard room and I've got to go on a skateboard search for some cool things.. I hope there's stuff out there!
For those of you who know me well, you'll appreciate this picture! I think it says it all! Yes, this is Karsen's closet and he WILL keep it this way!! Colten's looks just the same!