January 20, 2009

Funny Stories....

Yesterday, I decided to take the kids to Classic Skating since it was Family Night & Brett's in St. George. (He's not the biggest fan of roller rinks) I don't know about your kids, but when all mine get in the car on short drives, they argue about the littlest things - like the "real" names of places, and "how to say things the right way"etc. Anyways, Cambria & Karsen were going at it so I said to them; "Aren't you guys just glad we are getting out of the _____( big pause.. I think something on the road caught my attention). So, Cambria says "house.  Sometimes Mom forgets her words so I have to say them for her." It was pretty funny and she was very serious about me forgetting my words. I really don't think I do that a lot.

This morning, Cambria was mad at me for not letting her eat CHEETOS for breakfast. (I had put them in the boys lunch so she thought she needed some) With a mad look on her face and her eyes glaring at me, she says "If you & dad go to St. George next time, we could babysit ourselves and make our own choices!"  "Oh really!" I reply. "What would you eat for breakfast if I wasn't here?"  "Lucky Charms!" she says. "What would you eat for lunch?"  ""We don't know how to make lunch." "What would you eat for dinner?"  "We don't know how to make dinner."  "So.. you would be pretty hungry if I wasn't here?"  "NO, we would just eat breakfast until you get back!  That would make us happy!"  So there you have it.. I'm off the hook for cooking for a week at least. I wonder how long they would eat cereal for anyways??? Hmmm

January 18, 2009

Kids say the darndest things!

Last night as we were eating a delicious soft chicken taco dinner with salad, fruit and corn, (after daddy made it home safely from snowshoeing with his bestest friend in the world -- P.S. thanks for the ice cream!) CAMBRIA says (while stuffing her face with salad): "You know what I miss that we haven't had in a long time.. BROCCOLI !" (And that's not a typo folks) She continues saying: "BROCCOLI .. I just love that stuff. I've been dying to have it!" KARSEN'S paying close attention to her and says: "I'm not dying to have it. I eat it everyday at school!" COLTEN replys: "Not everyday.. I see you and you don't have it everyday - only on the days they have it!"  KARSEN says (while rubbing his tummy and licking his lips) "Yep.. it's so yummy!" CAMBRIA: "Yeah mom.. when can we have Broccoli again?"   Again, this is going on while they are all eating SALAD and CORN and SALSA.  So, I guess it's nice to know they miss Broccoli (we just ate it all last week) and even better that Karsen & Colten eat it at school. I bet they are some of the few kids who even touch it at school.

So, again today - a sillier conversation. BRETT asks Colten "When are you ever going to lose that tooth? It's been loose for at least a month! Get it out!"  COLTEN says "I'm trying dad.  I want to lose it at school so I get one of those cool tooth things." CAMBRIA pops in as usual and says with her girly attitude: "HELLO DAD! (with a lot of voice inflections)  It's his tooth!" BRETT was very speechless and paused for a minute.. "What can I say to that!" he replys while looking at me & trying not to laugh!

Cambria's new "thing".. MODELING!

Cambria has loved taking pictures lately and trying her different poses in front of the camera.
I teased her about being a model and she asked me what they do. When I explained it to her, her eyes lighted up so big and she started to squeal and say "I want to do that".. "Can I go model today?" Since that moment.. she has been teasing her daddy about it and asks everyday if I  have called someone so she could dress up and model for them.  
I don't know what to do!!
I think she'd be great and have a lot of fun, but I am not traveling to L.A. just to get her started!
What a poser! She doesn't even need coaching.
And 'what a cutie' I must say! She has the best of Brett and I combined!
Well.. the only thing of daddy's she might have are her BIG eyes & definitely some height!
So darn pretty.. I can be her biggest fan!

January 17, 2009

I don't know where she gets this!

It's amazing how she makes it look so much fun!
And just in case you're wondering.. she begged
me to let her do this! Too bad it's not torture at
my house to make the kids do chores! She did all of the 
stairs and was oh so very proud of herself. She said "it was 
hard work" and who knows that better than me!

January 13, 2009

Fast Skiers!

Cambria flying down.. "when you gotta go.. you gotta go!"
Colten flying down... as fast as "lightning"!!
Karsen flying down.. in his fast "racing tuck"!

Boyz Ripping it up!

Colten & Karsen starting out their ski day... this is
what they look like on the slopes.. let's tear it up boyz!
Colten's jump... they searched for them all day long! He
wants to try more and more tricks each time we go! Forget
'FORM' today.. it's all about 'FUN'! I don't blame him.. at least
for today - then we are back to paralleling boyz!
Karsen's jump.. (below)gotta be as bad as his brother! Nothing
holds him back.. he loves this and to no surprise makes the funniest gestures when he hits a big jump.. He still does his thumbs up & if you look into his goggles, he will wink at you! It's the greatest!!

Kirstin's snowboarding - Really, I am!

I thought this would never happen.. Me? on a snowboard?
I love to ski & do it well so I didn't think snowboarding would be a smooth transition. 
Well - it hasn't been so bad and I am loving every 
minute on the slopes! It's almost like getting a brand new car
or something.. I just can't explain it, but I want to go all the time!
I even blew Brett away by how quickly I picked it up! Whoohooo!
We didn't get much video since I found it's harder
to take pictures, video and board at the same
time! It was a great day, but icier than usual... no
worries.. we'll go again soon and take more! 
And remember, this is my first year!

Cambria's ski day on video!

Daddy interviews Cambria on the lift... 4 yrs old
Sillier interview... she's a very funny girl!
Cambria swishing down the hill... Brett's riding by her.. so 
she's going faster than it looks. We're proud of her and 
so glad she doesn't have a nervous bone in her!
                    This is our LIFE!!

January 12, 2009

What our family absolutely LOVES!!

A nice ski day @ Sundance! Don't worry, we only missed a few hours of school! It's so so so worth it!! So, here's Colten & Cambria getting ready for the first ride of the day!
Daddy Brett, Fearless Cambria and Hot Rod Karsen on the lift!
Lightning Colten &  Snowboardin' mom on the lift!
These kids are so fast and we are having the most awesome ski season ever!
Don't you just love Cambria's pose - she says we have to buy her poles now too!!
Daddy's idea... I always feel silly doing these poses....but we rock on the slopes!!
Colten.. "hold on tight!"
Karsen...it's always 'snack time' on the lift! But you have to ride up with daddy to get them! He always hogs all the treats!!! (NO wonder they don't ride up with me..)
Cambria.. our dare-devil! Just wait until you see her fly!
Mommy's snowboarding.. this is my first year and I'm having a blast! (except for today.. it was a little too icy to have any fun and the landings (falls) are so much harder!) Like my pants though?  I'll give you a tip - if you bring your husbands pants instead of your own skiing.. you may just have to go and buy a new pair!
A lot of what we did today.. skied through trees!! The kids think it's great... I remember those days!
Cambria on the mountain!
The boys are buddies on and off the mountain! "Let's GO!!.. fast this time!"
Karsen hot-dogging it down the hill... I just wish you could see better how steep it really is... and he flies to the top so fast before jumping off!!
Colten jumping out of the trees!! It's so much fun to see their progress. They have no fear and are wanting to do tricks and go fast!

January 9, 2009

Girls are so much fun!

So, Cambria was found again in her room playing with make-up & practicing striking poses! I don't know where she gets this because I definitely do not do this in my room! She asked me to come and take her pictures so she could see them. These were some of her favorites!
Smiles.. we like smiles from her!
Sassy.. she's growing up too fast!
"Mom, let me blow you a kiss so I can see my red lipstick good.. okay."

January 5, 2009

Good Night from Cambria!

Here's Cambria's hair after sleeping on her braids... I wish I could have taken it earlier today! It was so so curly and cute!
Cambria asked me very nicely to show all of you her "braids" that her daddy did tonight before she went to bed... So here she is!
I have to say that he did a pretty good job!

Happy New Year! 2009

Happy New Year 2009!!
We are already back in school and missing the sleep-in mornings! We are doing great and had an amazing Christmas Break! We played, skied, played, watched movies, snorkeled in a crater, slept, snowboarded and watched "Bedtime Stories"!  What more can you ask for than to spend so much fun time being together as a family! It was terrific!!
Karsen, Cambria & Colten ready to rock in 2009!!
Just a few quick pics of Cambria - she loves to be in front of a camera lately!
What a silly girl!
Okay, even sillier! But oh so cute!!
Here is "Zaida" our cat - just trying to stay warm! I can't blame her. When are these freezing temperatures going to go away?  (If you can't tell, she's laying under our kitchen cabinets directly in front of the heating vent... It explains why my feet haven't been as warm lately while doing the dishes. She's been stealing the HEAT!)
Speaking of which - we had another big storm today and are deep deep in snow!!