February 23, 2009


Amy Cook and I ready to heat it up! Bye Bye hubby's and kids -- we're off to ROCK OUT!
What a night! I bought CELINE DION tickets 10:00am Nov. 2007 and the World Tour Concert finally came after one reschedule! What a night! There's nothing more amazing to me than an outrageously-gifted singer who can rock! I've listened to Celine Dion from her 1st hits! NO matter what you think - this girl can sing - what a voice!! It's even more "HOT" in concert! There are not many words to describe the emotions I had being there! What an AMAZING SINGER and PERFORMER! I'd travel anywhere to see her perform AGAIN and AGAIN! Music is the best thing to keep life fun! What an awesomely, terrific, amazing, out-of-this-world night! I 'm so sad it's already over!! Who's coming next? Anyone up for Taylor Swift?
 I'd have so many photos and videos of the concert... but they were not allowed in - except for those who did not follow the rules on their ticket stubs! Maybe I'll find some friends or relatives who took some shots. It would be worth it!!

February 20, 2009

A Girls Day of Snowboarding/Skiing!

Amy Cook, a friend of mine, and I went to Sundance on Wednesday! What a day!  It was so much fun hanging with a friend who rocked at skiing and not having to worry about kids! (Just for ONCE!)
A picture after our full day of FUN and tearing up the mountain. I tell you - I took some chances on the snowboard I haven't taken yet! She had me snowboarding the back mountain all day and what a blast!  The moguls tore me up.. thump, thump, thump. smoooooth.... thump! I had some crazy falls, but worth it! Thanks so much!!
Amy on the top of Sundance Ski resort! We did have a few moments of windy sleet.. but the POWDER was awesome!
 Amy Cook booking it down the back mountain! Swish... swish.. she's got the moves!
(I know... cheesey wording - what else can I say?)

February 15, 2009

Boys Bedrooms... almost done!

I can't believe I almost forgot to take pictures of the coolest gift for Colten's 8th Birthday from Mom and Dad!! A newly redecorated bedroom for a very COOL & SPORTY kid!
This was probably one of the most fun rooms to do! I did a lot of it while Brett was working and then he would come home and tell me what to do better! TYPICAL.. but it totally worked!
His basketball / Skier corner!  I tried to be creative and 'cool' at the same time.
HIs snowboarder... It's really mom's silhouettte! (ha ha)
SO, while I was painting Colten's room, Karsen hinted in many ways that it was so cool and he wanted something cool in his room; not monkeys anymore!
SO, I added surfboards on his walls (while Brett was in St. George). Karsen is extremely happy now and loves his room just as much. It's "rad"!
The best part of all is when the kids tell me that I am the bestest mom ever for painting their rooms fun! It's worth every smile I see from them!
Now, what's next?????

Happy Valentine's Day!

Dressed all in red.. It's Valentines Day!
Have a Happy One from the Spencer Kids!
Thanks G'ma Sue & Papa Kirk for the gifts! We Love packages from you!!
Our little girl... what a sweetie!
Mom & Cami for a little shoot.. We are still amazed at how alike our hair color is! She's a very lucky girl! We get comments all the time on how it's definitely no surprise on who her mommy is!
Silly girls.. (I can't believe I pulled a 'Brett' with my eyes)
Valentines Kisses
Mommy Daughter fun...
Valentines Day surprises from Mom and Dad!
She's so excited to put her jewelery in it!
The boys got lots of shirts - these were their favorites!!

WhAt NoT to dO!

SO, I can't believe I actually thought my boys didn't need haircuts. That's why I'm posting this! A little reminder to me of what ACTuaLLY looks good.. this is  a "WhaT NOT to Do" for me! Long hair just isn't for boys - no matter the style!
What an amazing difference!! My handsome boys are back!
Looking ever so good! New Resolution - Haircuts on a regular basis!
Brett's Superhero Friend = Mark the Madman!

Colten's B-Day Party FUN!

Colten's Big Birthday Bash with his friends... 
The skateboard cake was a winner at the party!
Here's the gang..and we are missing a few! He really had a great time and had many friends come.. What an hour and a half it was!! Mom & Dad were wiped out!!
They played a couple rounds of KNoCk-OuT.. the kids really enjoyed it!
Time to open presents..
Colten and his cake... It's great to be Eight!!

Cambria rocking out!

So, as soon as Colten left for the Jazz game with Karsen & Dad, Cambria asked me where his I Pod touch was... she sat in the kitchen while I made dinner and sang to me forever!
Intensely listening to every song.. she loves music!
Singing, singing, singing all the night long.. she didn't want to stop and asked me when she was going to get her OWN IPod Touch. I don't think she's ever going to just be a little girl!!
Here's just a little of what I had to endure... she's just silly sometimes!

February 7, 2009

RIpstick & Basketball Videos

COLTEN jumped on his ripstick that he got for Christmas for the 2nd time.. It's been a little cold and snowy to do it much lately, but he's still 'got it' from last summer! He loves it and I'm sure it'll help him when he learns how to snowboard! Way to go Colten!
KARSEN tearing it up on the court! He's got quite a shot!! 
COLTEN giving it all.. so much to live up to with little brothers score..
I'll tell you Colten's best in this work-out was 8/10. I didn't get that one..I could only shoot so many. Sorry, I was low on battery!

Basketball Birthday Blast!

Boys out playing Basketball after school on Colten's Birthday! They would play all day if weather allowed for it! Luckily, all the ice patches are gone!
Colten taking a side shot...and for the record, it went in!  And "No", I don't think he'll ever wear his pants any higher or LOWER I might add... Let's hope at least!
Another shot made by the Coltster...
Mom made me look... got to have one pose for the camera!
And Yes, we know he needs a haircut - it's scheduled for Tuesday!!
Okay, Karsen.. you ready?? cause here I come!
Dribble, Dribble, Spin, Look for the basket, Get open and
Shoot... = SCORE!
Karsen goes up for a shot.. what natural form he has!
I love his tongue... isn't that what all real ball players do?
Dad & boys having a shooting tournament...
Time for more fun = Ripstick Fun! Colten's smooth moves & ease of learning new things has made it easy for him to learn how to Ripstick!
This pic has to go up in his room... he loves sports!! EXTREME Sports!
Just look at our boy - he's so good and even crazy on the Ripstick! 
I got it... Karsen's famous "WINK" .... this boy loves to wink when he's happy or when he's done something good and knows he made you happy! So, if you even get this look from Karsen - you should be honored!
ANd here it is.. as natural as I'll ever be able to catch on video!

Colten turned 8! Watch him grow!

Born Feb 5 2001.. 7 lbs. 10 oz.
6 months old  "Buddha"
9 months old
He's 1 years old! One of my most favorite pictures!
16 months old.. Look at all that hair!
He's 2 years old! McDonalds lunch! Still one of his favorites!
2 1/2 years old... love this one too!
3 years old  What a smile!
3 1/2 years old... Absolutely another favorite!
4 years old.. always loved the water!
4 3/4 years old
5 years old.. Getting big!
5 1/2 years old.. so handsome!
5 1/2 years old.. 1st Disneyland trip!
He's 6! What a guy!
6 1/2 years old.. starting 1st grade
And now he's 8! He's grown up so fast! It's amazing how time really flies.
Happy 8th Birthday! You rockin' skier!
The best gift from his family - his very own  I-Pod Touch... wait a minute! - I don't even have one of those! Happy Birthday Bud.. we love you!