September 25, 2008

Happy Birthday to me.... I've turned 33!

Kirstin Sue Sorensen, born Sept. 25. I spent the first month of my life in the hospital due to an infection. It was a difficult time (I don't really remember), but I survived... lucky for Brett!
6 weeks old.... They shaved my head in the hospital to put all the tubes in, but look at those eyes!
My Grandma Pat, Mom Sue & Me... Our 1 year old pictures
Me @ 1 years old... I know all of you have a naked picture!
Cambria (my girl) at 1 years old. There are some similarities I think!
Me at 2 years old helping in the kitchen. Making cookies I'm sure!
PreSchool Days... 4 years old
My brothers and me... Kindergarten, 5 years old
It's Dancing Time... 6 years old! Ballet - It wasn't for me!
4th grade.. 9 years old What a smile!
8th grade Graduation dress.. so metallic! 13 years old
Senior 1993, Hanford High School 17 years old
Senior Prom 1993... Still metallic and shiny! I always did like the tall, dark and handsome men! So, Brett fits the mold! I did good!!! 17 years old
BYU Freshman Ski Class.. Can you find me? I was the only girl and I loved it! How did I do that? Well, I was in the highest ranking ski class - where the guys dominated! I rocked back in the day!!
BYU Freshman year with my friends.. weren't we so cute? 18 years old
I finally met the man of my dreams!! Me & Brett in 1996... isn't he HOT!!! 20 yrs. old
Brett & I on our 10 year anniversary trip... 32 years old.. This is our best picture and we haven't taken another one as good since, so this is where my short Birthday story ends! I hope you enjoyed the pictures!

September 23, 2008

Friends and Family visit

Colten and Camille playing "Webkinz" on the computer.. she taught him how and now he's as addicted as Camille's Dad is! Thanks....
Cambria, Jocelyn and Tess having a little girl fun and playing with Rigby! It's funny to say that little Rigby didn't touch the ground for a very long time! They just loved him!! He's recovered and is doing better.. HA! HA!
The kid gang! My friend Diane's kids and mine! It's amazing how well they played together since they don't see each other very much. Maybe that can change.! Your family is welcomed  here anytime!
G'ma Sue, Karsen, Cambria, Colten and Papa Kirk enjoying Cabella's before the big airplane trip back home.. it's always sad to see them go because we have so much fun!! Thanks for coming out for my birthday! It was a sporty fun-filled weekend with soccer (Kids games), golf (Brett, my dad & Doug), football (BYU) & basketball (Kids, Papa & Dad challenge). See you soon! We had a terrific time!
Cambria enjoying her cinnamon roll after our stop at IKEA!

BYU...Kirstin's Alma Mater

BYU Football game vs. Wyoming
I don't know why it takes visitors to get us to do something out of the norm, but we had a remarkable time at the BYU game with my parents! It was a slaughter...44-0, so we left at the end of the 3rd quarter to beat the traffic on State Street.
BYU fans all dressed in our BLUE! Brett even wore Blue.. that's amazing!
Cambria & G'ma Sue at the game... she liked watching the cheerleaders! Now, she wants to be a Cheerleader, not a soccer player!
Wow.. a picture of me & my hubby at my Alma Mater...1997 graduate! That was ages ago!
Colten, Karsen, Brett and my dad, Kirk at the game... GO TEAM! The boys favorite parts of the game were touchdowns!, watching the team pass the ball, and Cosmo, the Cougar Mascot!

Soccer Stars 2008

Colten and Karsen had an amazing soccer year as I have said before. They have both learned the sport better and are way faster runners! Colten stepped up this year as a top leader of his team! His goalie performances were exceptionally amazing! Karsen, one of the younger players on the 6-7 team did an awesome job too! He slides like a PRO! We can't wait for next year!!
Colten & Karsen's Pleasant Grove Soccer Team 2008
Cambria's Pleasant Grove Soccer Team 2008: "Cougars".
Soccer California Grandparents out to see a game!
Soccer stars! The kids both had 8am games! That's definitely considered dedication in our book!

Weekend Fun!

Cambria having fun playing in the water at the Gateway in Salt Lake City, Utah.
Colten, Karsen & Cambria had a great time running through the water & eating Ben & Jerry's ice cream with G'ma Sue and Mom at the Gateway!
But the best part of the day was going to Build-a-Bear and each making their own loveable animal! Colten's is Pointer the Panda Bear, Karsen's is Shivery the Monkey (he was cold from playing in the water) and Cambria's is Mimzy the Rabbit (She loves the movie "The Last Mimzy" right now) Thanks G'ma & Papa... we love them!!
Cambria at her last soccer game of the year.. Great job babes! I have to say that she does a spectacular job at 'looking the part'!
I don't know what's going on in this picture, but Cambria definitely had something going on!

Birthday Celebrations!

Young girly's celebrating my Birthday!
We had a delicious dinner at Pizza Factory! Why one of my favorite places to eat? An easy answer... the Never On Sundae dessert! Yummy!
Out with Jenny @ the Cheesecake Factory for her Birthday dinner!  More yummy food!
Kristen and Amy came too!!!
We had a lot of girly fun and loud girly talk! I don't know what the people around us really felt, but we had an amazing night!
Always can't wait to do something together again! It's hot tub night soon!

September 15, 2008

It's Saturday Soccer again!

Karsen and Colten have really enjoyed being on the same team - the Cougars, of course! If it wasn't for BYU, we'd have played on another team name in Utah. (I'm curious if one even exists - the Utes don't count!) The only time we haven't been the Cougars is whenever Brett has been the coach; then, they come up with other cool names! 
Karsen racing off the field for a break.. he played a really tough game and was a top player! He ran fast (something he isn'y known to do) and tackled many players by sliding in front of them - including his own brother (something he is known to do)! Colten played a tough, defensive game and stopped the other team so many times! He likes to slide too!!
I thought this was pretty funny - they were trying to teach the kids better spacing when a corner kick is happening...holding hands though?? Colten & Karsen were good sports about it...
So, we can't forget about Cambria's soccer game right after the boys game. She still says "we don't have to pay for her to play next year..." She had a fun game and was proud because she never asked for a time-out (what she's known to do).  I've video-taped I think 10 minutes too much of her... she chases the group of kids who are chasing the ball! It's the same thing week after week.... so, you can imagine how the boys felt watching her!
In fact, here is Karsen showing you just how much fun it is watching Cambria play! This pretty much says it all - Although, I think he's being a little tough on her! I remember starting the boys at 4 and the games being the same, chase, run, kick, trip, fall, run some more. Well, the boys actually touched the ball! Great job though Cambria! We're glad you got to play this year!  It has been fun(ny) to watch!

September 10, 2008

Girls are always up to something!

Cambria was a big helper last week and helped me out on many projects!
Yes, lately we are always up to doing something around the house! Here is now Cambria's mostly finished playroom. It's a little more girly now!
This was Cambria's favorite painting she helped me on!
Here is just a sneak peek of my soon-to-be decorated craft room. I am enjoying every moment of putting it together -  I just can't wait to really use it! Now, I just have to really figure out what room in the house to keep unfinished...then we can't move! You see... every home we've owned, I've completely decorated and when I was finally finished ready to enjoy living there - Brett decides it's time to move! I've got to be really really careful this time! wish me luck