December 30, 2008

Holiday Accidents & Amazing Sights!

So, I believe one of my lasts posts were us playing "Laser Tag" as a family! Well, we had our first big accident ever with a Santa gift! Cambria got blasted by mom (on accident) while attacking dad with a Laser Gun! This was our first Christmas emergency and she sure was tough about it. She had to go to our Pediatrician to get stitches; 4 to be exact! She never cried and said it didn't hurt. (thank goodness for topical numbing gel) She's getting better and still says I'm one of her favorites!!  Whew..
Uncle Kyle & Aunt Sarah stop by for a quick visit before flying back to California. Uncle Kyle just got accepted into the California Highway Patrol Academy...WAY TO GO!  GOOD LUCK & BE SAFE! And thanks for coming by to see us! We didn't want you to go - so, maybe next time you can stay at our house!  Cambria wants to have a sleep-over with you!
Yesterday, we went to the Homestead in Midway, Ut and swam and snorkeled in a crater. It was fun and a great experience. We found this on the Homestead grounds. It was awesomely big and completely iced! The cool part was listening to the running water as it melted.
Colten says the cool part for him was "throwing snowballs in it and sliding down the hill on his feet."
It was quite amazing and big! Beautiful too and awesome in nature!
Here's Brett and the kids gearing up to snorkel and swim in the crater. Lucky for us, the water was so so warm! The big rock behind Brett is the inside of the crater.  All the kids learned how to use a snorkel mask so we are definitely ready for a trip to Hawaii!! 

December 25, 2008

Laser Tag Christmas Day Fun!

Colten and Karsen on their very first Laser Tag Battle!
"You ready.. I'm ready... Let's GO!"
"He'll never catch me here.. " sys colten
"He'll never catch me here..." says karsen
Oh yeah boys! Suit up.. I'm coming for you!
This turned out to be an awesome "Santa" gift! Not only are the kids having fun.. but Brett and I have a pretty good battle!

It's Christmas Day! Hip Hip Hooray!!

Kids on Christmas Eve in their new pajamas.. come on boys, give your sister a kiss!
(Karsen's really not up for this!)
Merry Christmas Eve from all of us!
Cambria.. our little DIVA! Strike a pose!
Boys... you'd think Karsen was older in this picture...
Cambria on Christmas Eve.. thanks Papa Kirk & G'ma Sue!
Karsen on Christmas Eve... thanks Papa Kirk & G'ma Sue!
Colten on Christmas Eve... thanks Papa Kirk & G'ma Sue!
Daddy reading T'was the Night Before Christmas.. and that it is!
Cambria must have totally been on Santa's GOOD list!
Colten too!
Christmas morning and Karsen's just begun.. his favorite gift... GAMES & Race Car Track...(it can be made many different ways!
Colten and Karsen open their Santa gift... Laser Tag!! 
"Game On Brother!!"
Cambria with Zoobs.. she saw these on TV and had to have them!
All we really wanted for Christmas!
Cambria was so excited for these... now she can really be Hannah Montana!
Merry Christmas Karsen... you really were a good kid this year!
Merry Christmas Cambria.. you were good too!
Where's Colten's Pic??? he was too busy playing games in the basement to take one..
Christmas is over... the tree is barren!
Karsen had a rough day today.. I wouldn't normally put this in, but it is too funny!!
" Karsen is stekey = stinky "
Cambria playing with her POP BEADS!! Great gift from her brothers!
Dad & Cambria chillin and playing with her dolly that drinks and pee-pee's.. so cute!
NO, this is not a repeat picture...  it happened again!  I am really getting kind of tired of shoveling!!
G'pa Steve & G'ma Ann made it down for a Christmassy visit.. thanks for coming - wish you could have stayed longer!

Merry Christmas

I just thought I'd write a little note and wish everyone who sees this a very Merry Christmas! For, if you read our blog, you are a true friend or relative. We've had a terrific year and have been very blessed! We hope you are enjoying your Holidays as we are! It's so much fun to stay home and just play and relax with the kids! I think they are more stoked than we are about it! We have been having so much fun with our new Christmas gifts and have been playing video games, feeding a dolly, building Zoobs & Legos, racing cars up walls & ceilings, riding skateboards and G5 Ripsticks, making necklaces and bracelets with Pop beads, putting make-up on, reading story Leap Frog Tag books, racing Darda speedway cars, playing an amazing Lazer Tag game (that really works) and much much more! Did I mention playing video games? Even Cambria is playing an Island Princess game on the Wii now.. I must say it is really a true break from school and we are breaking all the rules! SO, from our family to yours, Have a Happy Holiday Season and Happy New Year!  

P.S. We are sending out cards and wrote our family poem as usual.. sorry, it's late - you should be getting them by New Years Day! It's a poem in rhyme you won't want to miss! Maybe I'll post it on here a little laters - don't want to spoil all the fun!!  Merry Christmas!!

December 22, 2008

Snow! SNOW! SNow! Maybe we have enough NOW!

So, I had to take a bunch of pictures of today's storm... it was absolutely amazing!
We got so so much snow! at least 10 inches!!! SO, here's Brett out shoveling the back patio ... the banks are so high now.. Even Dash doesn't know what to do with the snow this BIG!
My husband is so thoughtful that be invited me out for a shoveling party - mind you that no other female was out shoveling at this time!! I am tough!!
Our house all LIGHTED UP for the HOLIDAYS!  and...
It's still snowing!!!
Just so pretty and look at all that snow.. no, really really... look again!!
So, Can't get out this way....
and can't get out this way.. I think I'll just stay home today!
More and More shoveling.. way to go honey!!
Maybe this year's snow will get him to move somewhere warmer...
We definitely win the longest driveway on the street award and it's all plowed!
Thanks to Brett's finishing touches and a great neighbor who has a snow blower - that's got to fit in the budget next year!!
We hope you enjoyed seeing our snowy day... hopefully we get a break!!

A "Jingle Bell" Christmas from Cambria!

HO! HO! HO! Merry Christmas!
Cambria & Santa Claus
Uscille, Cambria & Carson (her boyfriend @ Pre-school)  SHHhhh, don't tell him!
Just singing a Santa Clause song.. she did a terrific job!
Cambria wishes you all a Very Merry Christmas...
This was taken at her Pre-School Christmas Sing-a long!

It's a SnoWy ChriStmas for Us!

What it looks like at our house!

The snow is permanenlty here!... This is today's fall - Dec 22nd! 
The storm began at 8am this morning and is still falling... It's been a blizzardy day!
Brett's out shovelin right now...I think I'll keep updating! (ha ha)
But, it is ever so pretty!! And to think of what the ski resorts are gettting!!
This was a picture of  last weeks storm...
and last but not least, Rigby is still putting up with Cambria.. He was a Princess today!       I have to admit.. it is pretty funny!

Cambria's singing again!

Our girl just loves to sing... now, it's time to play too!

GIngerBread House & SnOw much FuN!

Colten playing in the snow....
Karsen and Cambria enjoying a snowy day...
Karsen is a great Big brother to Cambria... well, sometimes!
and this was one of the 'sometimes'
Our first Gingerbread house attempt... here we go!!
and We Did It!  Way to go kids... they helped put all the candy on!