March 31, 2009

Karsen's Family B-Day Party!

Karsen's decorations.. I do this for the kids around the fireplace every year. It's a tradition I guess!
Karsen's Birthday dinner.. Avocado Grilled Burgers, Barbeque Chips, Tator tots, Fruit, Soda, Milk Duds, Reeses Pieces and Whoppers! What a lucky boy!
That's right - if you didn't catch it, we had AVOCADO grilled cheeseburgers - Mmmm! It was so good I don't think we'll eat another burger without it! 
Karsen's family presents... A DS game from Colten, Bakugans from Cami and the Nintendo DS from mom & dad!  HE is the ULTIMATE GAMEBOY afterall!
And of course, his Basketball B-Day cakes! We also went to see a movie.. "Escape to Witch Mountain"  He had an awesome day!

Karsen turned #7!

Remember this little guy? Colten (our 1st son) born Feb 2001 and now his little brother was on his way in March 2002. This is the short story of Karsen's growing years! It is fun to see the boys pictures together.. not too much difference right at their births!
Karsen Chase born March 22, 2002 - that's right! 13 1/2 months after Colten. It was a BIG surprise, but an awesome one! Karsen has been the best kid & brings our family much laughter!
1 day old.. He had the fullest and darkest head of hair! I definitely knew he was his daddy's boy.
3 days old.. I 'm telling you - his hair was out-of-control! I think this style lasted about a year for him. We couldn't get it to stay down!
And it's still standing up at 1 month old!
the Hair is still crazy and boy did he have the biggest eyes.. "Yeah thats right - I'm looking at you!" 
3 months old
6 months old.. Doesn't everybody have this pose? It's a must at our house. Just think of all the fun we will have when they are older!
Best Buds in the tub! Colten is 22 mths old and Karsen is 9 mths old!
The Hair.. okay, so this was done on purpose, but who wouldn't have? It was amazingly crazy! 
10 months old - And don't you just love the drool?
18 months old and still in the crib - He loved it! And to believe that he had just quit nursing. No wonder people looked at me funny - He was a big boy!!
15 months old... our of order, but so so cute! This boy was so fun to cuddle and he was really the sweetest kid! We remember that he cried a lot though!!
So, what was life like with 2 boys 13 months apart and one more coming in 6 months? It was absolutely great!! Busy, crazy and we knew something was going to have to be done before we had 10!!
Growing up.. 2 years old! Big brother Colten was always there to help!!
2 yrs old - He loved Cake & Cookie batter!
3 years old - Karsen and mom
If you know Karsen, you know that he can sleep ANYWHERE! It's the best feeling when he falls asleep on you and you have to carry him to bed.. Well, he's kinds of getting too heavy for me now! 3 1/2 yrs old
4 years old.. what a little man! This is still my all-time FAVORITE picture of him!
5 years old.. He's Brett's boy with Uncle Chad's build! 
6 years old - Still growing, still likes to laugh & still has a smile to break hearts!
Happy Birthday Karsen - 7 yrs old
He likes to play basketball, video games, baseball, basketball, more video games & more basketball. Lately, he'll play basketball 2-3 hours each night. That's why he has a MONEY-SHOT! And that's why he had basketball Birthday cakes!

March 24, 2009

Colten's Snowboarding Videos

Colten's first run down the mountain on a Snowboard
Colten boarding & Family Snowball Fight??
Colten snowboarding more & CAMBRIA's big fall!!
Watch the left side of the movie & listen to her reaction.. she isn't hurt or worried about the fall... just that the boys better not ride up with Dad on the lift - it's her turn!

Colten's 1st Snowboarding Day!

Colten and Dad riding up for his 1st day on a snowboard.. he's so excited!
Karsen & Cambria on the lift.. it's gonna be a fast day of skiing - these two are hard to keep up with!
Karsen, Colten, Mom  & Cambria ready for the best family day ever! 
It's warm, the sun is shining bright and we are READY to RIDE!
Dad & kids... I know this will be one of our best memories of the kids growing up!
Seriously, his 2nd time down the mountain.. I have to say, he's doing amazing!
He told us he could do it - but man, he really can! Way to go Colten!
Dad & ??? yep, that's Cambria - taking a VERY short nap on the lift!
The SNOWBOARDER of the DAY - Colten!
The FASTEST SKIER of the DAY - Karsen!
And he's still UP! For his 1st day, he sure didn't spend a lot of time sitting. HE was SO DETERMINED to figure it out so he could ride fast!
 and the ULTIMATE BOARDER of the DAY goes to... 
( I didn't have a picture of me...)

March 22, 2009

St. Patrick's Day Spring Skiing!

Cambria riding on the lift.. we had a great day together = just the two of us!
Mom & Cambria at the top of Sundance! Realize that Cambria has to ski down from here too! There are not many kids who ski the back half due to the difficulty!
Cambria = the hottest little skier you'll ever see!
Hopefully one day she can say that she has skied Around the World!
A beautiful, sunshiny day skiing at Sundance, Utah.
The main lift and ski area where our kids first learned to ski! It's crazy to think that they never learned on a bunny hill or rope tow!

A Sunday afternoon HIke! March 15

Cambria, such a cutie! She's all geared up and ready for a big hiking day with the family!
Let's get started! and YES, we even brought Dash & Rigby along too!
Karsen found us some pretection. When Brett has ran this trail, he has found Cougar tracks! YIKES!
Mom and kids just getting started hiking up Grovecreek Canyon = near our house. It's going to be very warm and Brett's gonna push us every step of the way! He runs this trail with a few friends and wanted to show us his accomplishment!
The views are incredible.. our house is to the right, around the corner!
Amazing.. South Utah Valley.
North Utah Valley
Eastern.. the mountains are remarkable!
Brett & Kids showing off how far they have hiked! ANd believe it or not, this is as wide as the trail gets!
Dad and kids still on the trail.. we kept going and going and going! Karsen is making me a little nervous just looking at him! It is straight down.. if you fall!
Snack Break! For our first hike of the year, we are doing pretty good!
A mountain slide of rocks to climb = FUN! Brett was nervous to let the kids go to the top because each step they took, rocks came tumbling down. The trick was to never be below anyone!
Guess what dad?  We made it!! The boys were determined to go all the way to the TOP! I can't explain just how steep it was!!
Maybe this will show you a little.. Cambria and I are at the very bottom.
We had to cross this little waterfall.. the water was So COLD!
We made it to the destination! We went about 1.7 miles which = 3.4 miles round trip!
Cambria holding on tight to Dad because the drop off was very far down - kind of scary!
The wind also picked up and it was COLD...
At the TOP!! Yea! We made it. Brett was very proud of us!
So, Rigby made it all the way to the top - but we decided he needed a little help down just to make sure he made it alive! This is what we came up with = FUNNY!
What a hiker.. Cambria never complained!
Our little HIKERS!
Playing near the stream.. creek.. river.. what's the difference?
Brett getting some air! 
Colten's turn!