September 30, 2009

School's Back! Aug 13 2009

School started over a month ago.. I know! I am doing my best to catch up!
Colten is a 3rd grader this year!
Karsen's a 2nd grader
Aren't they so handsome? i think so!
She just loves it and worries that I am bored when she is gone.. so sweet!
Our little girl is growing up!
the 3 muskateers are BACK in SCHOOL!
Here is their MONDAY DRESS UP DAY attire!
they look so professional and smart!
gotta love uniforms

Cascade Springs: AUG 19 2009

Aug 19,2009 Hiking near Cascade Springs
Back side of American Fork Canyon
A beautiful place full of natural springs!
Like I just said = FUN!
Karsen's always finding a way to climb or hang on something - he loves it!!
A beautiful butterfly.. can you find it?
Hey dad! What does that sign mean?
Nothing kids.. it's for sissys!
Especially when you can catch one of these!
Don't worry - we put it back!
It just so amazingly pretty!
Just a bunch of silliness!
Colten wanted to take a picture of us... turned out cute!
these kids really love ADVENTURE!
What a girl.. sometimes, she just AMAZES us!
Karsen practicing his monkey-toe throw!
the KING of monkey-toe throwing
and it really did hit me.. he has a good aim!
(You can see it right below his foot)

September 28, 2009

Mom's 34th Birthday

I turned 34 on September 25!
Wow.. what a #. I never dreamt I would ever be this OLD... and to think time isn't slowing down! When life is moving, days don't seem to be going too fast - but when birthdays hit, I look back and always seem to think... Where did the time go? and WHY so fast? It's amazing how things change as you get older.. but I quickly have to say I am HAPPY, I LOVE my FAMILY and I am looking forward to a GREAT 34th YEAR!
"Hair cuts anonymous.." that's what Brett thinks I should join! Girls who are always wanting to go shorter! Well - I've hit short enough and love it!
Last year at 33! Fun to see a little change.

September 26, 2009

Teeth and Trampoline Craziness

I believe the picture explains it all, but Colten's been missing a few teeth lately and it may be the only time he's this toothless - so, here's a great picture of him!
We have all been flippin' around on the trampoline lately, but Colten's doing everything crazy he can. From backflips and twists to Tick-Tocks (a front flip straight into a backflip) - WILD FUN! and realize .. he's only 8!
Cambria's first attempt at a flip.. now she ROCKS them, but these beginning videos are the BEST!
Karsen's First attempts at a backflip
Colten's firsts at backflips
and here's their GOOFY COACH in ACTION!

SPENCER FAM Summer party

our Spencer family party was Aug 10, 2009 and we got almost everybody ( -Uncle Greg) in a picture.. what a shot! We had a terrific day together and will miss Angie & Nate's family as they are away at school in Virginia!
this one could have Easily been MINE!
he's gonna be a red-head.. so lucky!
GIRLS GIRLS GIRLS... we have girl cousins galore from 2 to 5 years old. They're gonna break so many boys hearts in a few years!

September 13, 2009

California Vacation - Final Stop: the TAHOE RIDGE resort

we LOVE going to Tahoe..
we hiked, played, swam, gambled (a little) and played some more
(funny story = Brett and I have always had a hard time gambling - but this was funny. We would take turns and only lose $2.50 at a time on the nickel & quarter machines. When we'd win big (about $3) we'd cash out and move on to another machine. Once we lost $20 - which took us a little more than an hour - we looked at each other and agreed we'd rather spend our $$ on a COLD STONE ice cream treat and souvenir stickers for the kids. So - we left, got our treats and came back feeling better about how we spent the other $20 we'd allowed ourselves at the casino! I guess the moral of our story is.. You won't be catching Brett or I winning BIG anytime SOON!)
time for some FAMILY fun!
(we missed kasey's fam)
Bring it on = miniature golf tournament!
Papa Kirk & Colten start us off!
Uncle Kyle & Aunt Sarah trying to weasel their way into 1st place...
but no worry, Cambria's on my team.. we've got them All!
Brothers ready to take the GAME to another level..
at least the big boys DID
(I think they were playing for swedish fish candies)
swim time was always FUN!
Uncle Kyle and Colten WARMING UP!

September 12, 2009

California Vacation - 4th stop: Highway Patrol Academy Graduation

My brother graduated from the Academy in August. It was a very special day as we are all so very proud of his accomplishment!
My brother and I - I caught him outside the auditorium before walking the stage to become an official CHP officer!
Cambria & her cousin Sierra
Cambria (5) and Sierra (2)
the photographer Kasey and his gang!
After graduation.. Kyle's the 2nd in line
Don't mess with this guy!
Well, he's actually really nice!
(I don't know about on the highway)
my brother Kyle & wife Sarah..
My littlest brother Kyle and our family on his CHP graduation day!
My brother(s).. Kasey & his family with Uncle Kyle
G'pa Bill & G'ma Charlotte very proud of their grandson!