May 31, 2008

Celebrating the Last Day of School!

Cambria is all smiles while bowling.. she loves it & has a pretty good aim!
Karsen shows us in style how to throw that ball down the lane...
Colten's in motion going for the strike!
Colten and Dad show off their guns while at Pier 49 Pizza!
Karsen, Mom & Cambria all ready to eat a delicious lunch!
Way to go for a great year of school! They are growing up so fast!

Colten finishes 1st grade!

Colten and Karsen on their last day of school.
They were so excited to give them the gifts we made for them!
Colten & his buddy Davis... Colten and friends in his class!
Colten and his 1st grade teacher, Mrs. Davis.
We made her the cute apron she is wearing... I went to bed that morning at 3:oo am
 I hope it was worth it... actually, she loved it!
Colten, Karsen and friends from our neighborhood.
Colten walked home many days from school with the Kramer boys... Josh, Sam & Jake!

May 30, 2008

Karsen finishes Kindergarten!

Karsen has completed Kindergarten and is ready for 1st grade!
We can't believe how fast the year went and how much he has grown.
He loves to write, read with his older brother and fall asleep the fastest at night!
Karsen has accomplished much this year in school and we are so proud of him!
Just a mighty fine looking young man!
Karsen and his Kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Reiber.
We made the apron for his teacher on the last day of school. 
Karsen was very happy to give it to her because he picked it out!
Karsen and his friend, Ashlee at school!
Karsen with friend Jorgen and girls from school!
Karsen makes friends easily and is liked by all! He is a great kid!
We love him so much and especially love his silly words!

Colten, Karsen & cousins Kaden & Blake!

Blake & Karsen taking it easy after a big hour of jumping 
on trampolines at "Jump On It"! We had a blast!
Kaden, Colten and of course, Rigby... he was a big hit!
Kaden and Colten take on a game of soccer. These boys were all about 
playing outside as much as possible! It was warm and nice!
Karsen(6), Kaden(7),  &  Colten(7) 
Blake and Karsen ready to attack.. watch out for the water guns!

Cambria and her cousin Sierra!

Cambria holding on to Sierra.. oh so sweet!
Sierra blowing "wet" bubbles!
Cambria and Sierra playing in the backyard!
Cambria and her very own favorite puppy... Rigby!

Cousins come to visit!

Karsen, Colten, Kaden, Cambria, Sierra & Blake
Uncle Kasey and all the cousins at Jump On It!
Blake, Karsen, Colten, Sierra, Kaden & Cambria

Outdoor fun!

Cambria can do the monkey bars all by herself!
She is one tough cookie.. and look at that silly face!
Brothers Rock!
We love to wrestle daddy on the trampoline! We got him!!
Cambria on the monkey bars!
Karsen & Colten's tricks!

All ready for Summer!

Cambria just being "one of the boys!" She thought this was pretty funny.... and it was!
Karsen and Colten after their school Dance Festival performances on Friday, May 23rd. 
Karsen danced the "Marcarena" to the Tiki song and Colten danced to Splish, Splash!
We just love the Spring & Summer when our home looks so nice and green!

Just horsing around!

Colten and Karsen showing off their Cowboy skills
to Grandpa Steve (a big fan)!
Cambria has "NO FEAR!"
Karsen, Dad & Cambria taking it east after daddy's Marathon race
watching Colten ride!
Cambria's riding Dakota, "Cody"
Colten's singing debut...listen to what Karsen's hilarious!
Colten really loves to listen to his ipod and sing new songs!

Cambria's Pre School Graduation Night!

Cambria & Ms. Liza, her Pre School Teacher
Doesn't she just look oh so cute for only 3 yrs old?
Our family at Cambria's PreSchool Graduation!
Cambria's teacher, Ms. Liza, talked about her at the graduation, sharing what a bright kid she is! At 3, she recognizes sounds of letters and what words begin with. When they talked about the Letter R in class, Cambria spoke up and sounded out "R R R Rigby!" She knew her doggies name started with a R! Enjoy this little singing video!

Our little dancer, Cambria!

Cambria loves going to dancing! She does a little jazz and tap too!

Marathon Finisher!

Brett ran the Ogden Marathon May 17th and finished well! His dad (Steve) biked the trail and kept Brett running...even with bloody toes! He also lost a few toenails because of it. (I don't know is running is worth that?) I'm proud of his accomplishment and dedication to doing things that stretch his abilities. He finished in a little over 4 hours. Way to go babe! We are proud of you! Something else to say you've done.. is there anything you can't do? We haven't found it yet! 

May 13, 2008


Never thought this would ever happen.. it did! 
We've added a new addition to our family. Meet RIGBY
He's the cutest, most adorable chihuahua we saw today! 
Cambria has won the little doggy war and is in heaven! 
She's wanted a little "toy" doggie for awhile and we just did it! 
Don't ask us why!
I just have to say that kids make you do some really crazy things!
So far, so amazing for the kids. It's only been about 4 hours! 
We surprised them with RIGBY after school and they were blown away!
  Like they said "Now Dash has a buddy to play with!" 
We introduced the two dogs and they really are having fun. 
Brett is holding RIGBY in his two hands.. he's so tiny right now! 
He weighs a little more than 1 pound.
Do you think she's happy?
Karsen is definitely crazy for the puppy! 
His 1st words: "Is he ours?.. We can keep him?.... COOL!
Colten says he can definitely stay!
Our little man... RIGBY!