February 24, 2010

Family Photo-Shoot December '09

Our FAMILY PHOTOS ... December 2009
Brett  Kirstin   Colten  Karsen  Cambria
Our Kids are our greatest treasure! We love these three more than ALL the stars in the sky on a clear night, more than the brightest moon on a dark night, ALL the snowflakes on a blizzardy day, and more than ALL diamonds in the WORLD! ...(it's a family thing)
Colten is a bright kid with a tremendous future. He can do anything and everything right. He loves sports and is always a star player on the team. He is friendly and kind to others. He treats his family with love and is a big helper! He rocks on the ski slopes and can maneuver anywhere on his snowboard with ease! He even conquered a BLACK diamond run this year!  (Watch out Shaun White..) We love you Colten!
Karsen is our loveable son. He is so caring, sweet and honest! He loves to play video games and jam on the basketball court. Just throw him the ball & I promise, he'll make the shot! We can always count on Karsen! He makes everyone laugh; especially his little sister. Karsen's smile is very contagious. He won't let anyone kiss him; so it's a good thing he falls asleep the fastest! He's dynamite on the ski slopes - a downhill racer for sure! He's our little boy. We love you Karsen!
Finally, it's our baby sister - Cambria! This one is a little BALL of FIRE! (even though there is nothing 'little' about her) She is a dynamic, fun, smart, energetic, and talented girl. Cambria loves to sing, play with her dogs, chase the cat, color, and do one project after another. She loves to watch Hannah Montana, Phinneas and Ferb, HOTEL for DOGS, and all the Disney Hit Movies with cute boys! Her best friend is Cooper - she's a boys girl alright. She's an outgoing, smart, quick-thinker. SO, if you think you have her beat - think again! It wouldn't be the same without our little girl! We Love you Cambria!  You truly are the BEST Daughter EVER!
 When all the pictures were done, most of the crew left; but Karsen stayed behind with me. Hollie wanted to take a few couples shots, but Brett had left. Karsen figured out what was going on right away and said "I'll be your man mom!" so we took this picture. I love this guy! He honestly is my boy! His love for me is indescribably amazing!
So that finishes up the favorite photos of our family - hope you liked them!

A Family is Forever..

While in California over Christmas Vacation 2009, we had our family pictures taken by our good friend, Hollie! She did a remarkable job! We love each picture! So, here's to our family - the Sorensen family 2010!
(top)Kasey, Sierra, Teresa, Kyle, Sarah (& baby boy), Papa Kirk, G'ma Sue, Kirstin & Brett
(bottom) Kaden, Blake, Cambria, Karsen and Colten
the Sorensen family grandkids with Grandma Sue and Papa Kirk
Colten 8, Kaden 8, Sierra 2, Blake 7, Cambria 5 and Karsen 7
Colten and Kaden (left) & Karsen and Blake (right)... Best of Cousins!
They were born so close together.. all boys.. and remain close! It's always a hard ending to a trip to have to separate these boys. They were together every day and night while we visited - never a dull moment between them! We love our cousins!
Cambria and Sierra.. sweethearts! These girls always get when they want! Just look at them - so beautiful! Can't wait 'til their older - they are sure to break a lot of boys hearts!
Kasey's family 2010
Kaden 8,  Blake 7 and  Sierra 2.. Love you guys!

February 3, 2010

Christmas Morning 2009

Here I am still trying to catch up.. I really need to get to it! Christmas was a blast! The kids got all they wanted and we had a great morning playing with all the fun toys! The boys favorites were their air soft guns, rifle, Erector Sets, IPod and Snowboard... Cambria's favorites were her Nintendo DS, Tag books, magnetic picture sets, HUGE coloring books & GIGANTIC stuffed animals!
Mom and Dad rock!! Colten got a new full snowboard set up.. Cambria got her Nintendo DS to play with the boys..  and Karsen got his OWN IPOD!
"Just what I wanted MOM & DAD... thanks!"
Colten's face after he saw what it was.. does he look happy or what!!
And here they are... new Snowboard Boots.. He couldn't wait to hit the slopes!
More fun stuff... it was an awesome morning!
Cambria was So So excited for her very own new piano book so she could learn to play like her mommy! What a girl! She went right into the piano room and started to play- she wanted a lesson already! MY GIRL!!
We hope you had a wonderful Christmas morning..