May 31, 2008

Celebrating the Last Day of School!

Cambria is all smiles while bowling.. she loves it & has a pretty good aim!
Karsen shows us in style how to throw that ball down the lane...
Colten's in motion going for the strike!
Colten and Dad show off their guns while at Pier 49 Pizza!
Karsen, Mom & Cambria all ready to eat a delicious lunch!
Way to go for a great year of school! They are growing up so fast!


lvs2dance said...

Tooo cute, that first pic of Cambria is darling! We miss you guys, when can we get together. I got a new game that I think you both would love...let me know when you can get together and PLAY!!! How is the basement comming?

Amy said...

Cute Cute Cute posts, wow you did do a lot. Good JOB!!! I love seeing knew things, even though I see you, I don't always know what fun stuff you guys are up to.

Let's maybe get together and play Jenny's new game she is talking about before you go to Cali, how does that sound. Just the girls. Love Ya

Stephanie said...

Happy Birthday Cam! Your sweet cousins in MI love ya and hope your day is the BEST! Love ya! Sam, Steph, and Sydney