May 30, 2008

Karsen finishes Kindergarten!

Karsen has completed Kindergarten and is ready for 1st grade!
We can't believe how fast the year went and how much he has grown.
He loves to write, read with his older brother and fall asleep the fastest at night!
Karsen has accomplished much this year in school and we are so proud of him!
Just a mighty fine looking young man!
Karsen and his Kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Reiber.
We made the apron for his teacher on the last day of school. 
Karsen was very happy to give it to her because he picked it out!
Karsen and his friend, Ashlee at school!
Karsen with friend Jorgen and girls from school!
Karsen makes friends easily and is liked by all! He is a great kid!
We love him so much and especially love his silly words!


lvs2dance said...

He is such a handsome kid! Can you believe that he is done with kindergarten??? Congrats to both of the boys. He looks so much like Brett in the one photo.