June 27, 2008

Our basement progress!

We are so close to being completely finished!  My amazing brother-in-law put in our carpet and it looks tremendous!! Thanks a million Chadro!
It really is just awesome! We have waited for this for a long time!
My husband Brett did all the work (except for the drywall)..we did paint!
The wood beam turned out so nice!
The bathroom is the only project we are still working on.. it will be done next week!


Brooke said...

Ok...now we have to come visit!! How are you guys doing? I wish we could see more of you!

Amy said...

Love it! So now you need to plan a big party. It looks GREAT!!

lvs2dance said...

WOW! It looks so wonderful! Good job Brett!!! I agree with Amy, time for a "yeah, our basement is finished" party!

Dancin Queen said...

Kirstin-it's gorgous! Great job!

Anonymous said...

Okay cute martha stewart power i can do anything women!!! i didn't know you had a blog!!!! You didn't write me!!!:)) well I'm stalking you now and I LOVE your basement. We are going to try and do ours soon but I'm a little nervous! I'm adding you I hope it's okay and you better leave a comment!!!:)) You really are super women!!! Luv your blog!!!!