July 14, 2008

Our Great Grandpa's are awesome!

G'pa Bill (my mom's dad), Charlotte and kids while visiting in California.. He is very funny and we love it when he comes to see us! He spends a lot of time with other old folks in Quartzite, but he was so lucky to be around when we came! He would have missed out if he wasn't at home (which he rarely is)!  He loves to travel and also spends a lot of time at his son's in San Luis! (since his wife is his son's wife's mother) Crazy!! but it works!! We love you two and were so glad you were there to see us!  This grandpa of mine also loves to ride motorcycles! He will still get down and dirty when we come to visit and he lets us ride in his backyard!
G'pa Cal (my dad's dad) came down to see us to while we were visiting also. We love spending time with our Great Grandpa's!  Our G'pa Cal served in the army in WWII. He was blessed to come home and have a family as many of those who served with him fell right at his side! He has many stories of his experience in the War written in a book for us to read. He really is an amazing guy and pretty funny as I am learning! He loves to grow anything and everything in his yard and my dad has followed a little in his footsteps... I only hope that when we start a garden that we can grow stuff like they do!! It's got to be in the genes..right?? He is also great at keeping geneology.. at least he has written two books in he last few years about his parents! Thanks Grandpa for all you do!
He also plays the trumpet and I stole this pic off of my Aunt Caleen's site so it may be familiar! He has played for as long as I can rememer and then some!  My Aunt said I think that he has played for like 76 years, since he was 9! He has played in many local bands and always played at our family gatherings growing up! I only wish that I could say I have seen him perform in public, but I haven't. I only hope and wish that he has many recordings of his playing and makes a DVD or CD of his trumpet playing one day...come on Grandpa.. I at least would like one! If there is any relative I have to give credit to my musical talents -- it's G'pa Cal! I don't know really how well he plays the piano, but his trumpet playing is extraordinarily out of this world! My Uncle Peter also plays the piano amazingly, but I think now (because I am older and more experienced) I may be able to even give him a run for his money!
My mom and my kids with their cousin Blake - floating all together! It doesn't look like it has much time before it sinks! My mom is also a busy lady! She has served on school boards since I was in Elementary School, and is now getting ready to run for City Council (at least that's what I have heard)! She also is a Dental Hygenist and finished her schooling while I was in college. She does something for the city now ( I can't keep up) and is always looking for a challenge! Are you ever going to slow down?
Papa Kirk (my dad) with Colten, Karsen and Cambria! They love to swim with their Papa!! He is the busiest guy I know! He lives, sleeps and sweats work! He is a Dental Technician and owns his own Denture Studio. He has made some pretty ugly teeth for Halloween costumes and with the help from his work tools, always won the Pinewood Derby Races for my brothers! They always had the fastest cars! He is a lot of fun but the best thing he likes to do of all.. GOLF!