July 30, 2008

Summer Fun!

Here's Colten on a backhand follow through! He only has 1 more day of lessons and he is still loving it! I am happy to see how much he has learned in this short of time. It has been a great activity to keep him learning new sports this summer!
Colten and Karsen after another day of Basketball Camp! What good-looking brothers!
Cambria wanted a picture with her brothers! It turned out really good! Way to go guys.. all looking at the camera!
Cambria got a cute hair cut today! Thanks Sarah! ... it looks great! Cambria likes it the most because she can "swish it around" more now!
Only 2 1/2 more weeks until school starts! Enjoy the rest of your summer!


Amy said...

Love Cambria's new hair cut, what a cutie pie and I have to say she is quite the little singer. Tell her good job. And hey maybe I'll see you for like 2 seconds tomorrow in between work and packing before we both head out on our trips. Love ya

Caleen said...

Always knew those Boys were gonna be talented.. Cambria is so cute.. What a crack-up.. She is a little princess! I bet she knows how to take care of herself though! I love your posts and I love that you are active, enjoying each other and having lots of memories. That is what's it all about! They are getting so big and so handsome and pretty. You two aren't bad either!! HA.. I don't think I am coming to Education week :( too much to do and school starts Aug 25. If anything changes I'll let you know!
I love your new addition. Maybe I'll come live there.. Good Job Brett.. Now, can you come and fix up my house?! You know your the only handy guy in this family...
Good to hear from you.. Sorry I've been so distant.. I know you would understand.. Love you all.. and I mean that sincerely!!! :)

Anonymous said...

Oh!! They are such cute kids! Cambria looks so grown up with her cute new due!! I missed you all at Amys dinner! Let's get together soon!!!!