July 22, 2008


We have had this piano in our family for years. It is an Emerson & Co. and is very old. It is dated Oct. 23, 1896. My grandparents bought it for their children to learn, but it really got played more by the grandkids! This was my first piano that I learned on as I grew older and accomplished the art of playing.  Music is, always has been and forever will be a huge part of my life..and will be in my chidren's lives also. That is why my so amazing and cool husband bought me (& our family) what you see below!
SO, this is the Anniversary Grand Surprise! Brett took me by the Music Store in Orem and had me play around on a few pianos that I might wish to have since they were having a gigantic sale! When I sat down and fell in love with this one.. he said "It's Yours!" Emotions were so strong that I cried like a baby in the store! The manager thought it was so cute and said they hadn't seen that reaction in awhile. (Just leave it up to me!) I was so overwhelmed with feelings and so so happy..they found out that my DREAM had COME TRUE!  I couldn't believe that I was already going to get a Baby Grand Piano! Anyway, Brett made me the happiest girl ever that day! 
I was too excited... I played the second it was set up!


Amy said...

And it even sounds better in real life. I am so dang excited for you Kirst, you little spoiley! You really do deserve it. Can't wait to have Mya learn on it, oh can I get her on a waiting list now???

lvs2dance said...

WAHOO! way to go Brett! that is the ultimate gift...good job! Where did you put the other one? That was a pretty cool piano. I remember how cool it was when Chris gave me my grand piano...such great husbands!