August 9, 2008

Grizzly & Wolf Discovery Center

Our FamiLy at the Grizzly Bear & Wolf Discovery Center in West Yellowstone..
Karsen and Colten enjoying watching the bears..
Cambria was happy to see a bear up so close!
Colten and cousin Mason watching the wolves..they were so lazy!
A family pic on our way up to Mammoth Springs. We stopped off to see a few Elk out in the meadow! We were surrounded by the most mosquitos ever since we were dumb enough to walk down next to a riverbed...never do that!!! We had to run so fast out of there!! It was kind of funny..but not really! I got my first bite there!! OUCH!


G'ma safe in California said...

I feel like I was there after looking at all these great pics. What a beautiful trip. I think that buffalo was little too close for comfort. He might have climbed in the van with you if it had not been for all the monkeys already in the van. hahaha

nspency said...

You had quite the bear show the next time....Brett why don't you tell us what happened just one more tell it so well. Too bad we missed that.