August 25, 2008

Our Backyard.. American Fork Canyon

We went for an overnight camp-out up American Fork Canyon with our friends, Angie & Stan & their boys, Tyler & Luke. I have to say that we didn't just camp up the canyon, but way up the canyon. The roads we took were as I would say "a little CRAZY!" We are glad that we did it though. Brett didn't give me much credit while I rode up on the steep side of the trail.. On the way back when he was on that side.. he gave me more credit!! And here's Angie & Stan barbequeing up some chicken wings..MMmmmm!
Camp Cook, Brett, cooking up some good 'ol hobo dinners as he calls them.  They were... "OH SO DELICIOUS!"
Camp Cook Stan cooking up some breakfast; yummy, cheesy scrambled eggs as Angie supervises.   Colten, Karsen and Luke just waiting around the campfire to eat. It was a cold morning! 
Camp Princess Cambria showing just how a camp princess should be waited on. "Hey dad, are those eggs & bacon ready? Could you bring them to me too?"
Camp pyrotech, Tyler Davies making the most of the campout by playing with the big fire! He really liked catching his stick on fire and watching it burn!


Amy said...

Looks like tons of fun, next time we want to go with you guys. We would have tons of fun. I love the pic of you and your fam, in fact it's even Christmas card worthy, way fun.