August 9, 2008

YeLLowStone AniMaLs We mEt aloNg the wAY!

this is our Deer friend.. there were 3 others with him, but this was the best picture!
this is our friend Buffalo! He was just walking down the street minding his own - no worry about the miles of cars he stopped! As he passed us, we took this shot - he was in arms distance practically. Brett, being the amazing dad & uncle he is.. opened the sliding door to the van on occasion to freak everyone out! It IS a pretty large animal, so we were a bit scared!
All the Buffalo's friends we watched as they crossed the street! It took a little while to drive only about 300 feet! But.. what a sight! We had no complaining from the passengers in our car who you see below!
These were the strangest animals in the park of all --- we had to take them everywhere we went! Good thing they were very well-behaved!!
Cousins having a great time! Mason and Tyler joined us for a day in the Park! We were suppose to be with more family, but that story is too long to tell!! Maybe later....maybe never.