September 10, 2008

We found the snow! and We like to BIKE!

Our Daddy found the snow! He went on a BIG hike last weekend with his friend up Mt. Timpanogas and they found the snow for us to ski on... now, we just need  a little bit more if that's okay! It was a great hike. Lots of big climbs he said and he came back so cold.. I wonder why! He laid in bed for me to get him warm, but he was so so chilly - I didn't like that part!!
Colten and Karsen 
wanted to show you their current mountain bikes! We have really enjoyed going on a lot of family bike outings to parks and to feed the ducks! They are tremendously tough riders and it's been fun to have family time outdoors! The weather has been perfect lately. By the way, how did everyone like the big thunder storm today?
Cambria is a two-wheel riding girl! She picked it up so fast and loves to go out and ride. She can already ride down to the new park by our house without falling or touching the ground (except when she has to stop of course). We are happy that she loves to ride and will be ready by next year to go on the family rides all by herself!
Here she is riding the big bike..that's what she calls it! She likes to go so fast down the hill of our house and it makes us nervous! 
She's had a few falls, but always gets up and says "I'm okay! Let's do it again!" What a girl! Way to go Cambria! We love that you'll try anything! 


Gramma Sue and Papa said...

This is just one 'down right tough and never to be outdone by her big brothers' girl. Can't wait to go on a ride with them.....just one more week and we will be there.

tina said...

not snow!!!

Stephanie said...

That is great about the hike and I love to see all your kids, I bet the boys are going to be mountain bikers like Brett, that is awesome. Sam is going to have to work hard to keep up with Cam on the bike, she's on her way!