November 19, 2008

Disney on Ice 2008

Another year for the Disney On Ice show... We had a blast (even though we saw the show 2 years ago)... I didn't realize it was going to be the exact same! Cambria had fun dressing up as Snow White again & many people admired her costume!
G'ma Ann, Aunt Stephanie, Cousin Samantha, Cambria & mom had a terrificly fun time at the show! A de-ja-vu picture of our last years show with the girls!
G'ma Ann & Aunt Stephanie.. cute pic girls!
Me, Samantha & Cambria waiting for our delicious food at Crown Burger! They have really yummy french fries and shakes... Mmm!
Cambria all ready for her Girls Nite Out.. all the way in the car ride to SLC, Cambria kept saying "Girls Nite, Girls Nite.. Neener Neener the boys are at home.. It's a Girls Nite!" She was so very very excited!