November 21, 2008

Sleepers vs. Readers!

Cambria came into my craft room the other day and said: "Mom, look! Two cute princesses!!" Of course I had to take a picture! She loves to dress up and play with "friends"and since she has no 'sisters' to play with (which she is still complaining about), she finds others to play with!  If you know Cambria, she is not a quiet little thing. She came to Brett and I in our room a few days ago and said that her 'brothers' need to play with 'their little sister MORE'!! We talked to the boys about it and as always, She got her way!, but this was a definitely good way!
Okay, so tonight Cambria told me that she was tired & ready for bed at 8:40. I was finishing the dishes & she said she'd wait in the TV room so I could carry her to bed. Not more than 2 minutes later, I found her! When she's tired, she's definitely tired!!
I then walked down to the basement to give the boys a kiss and found.. Karsen sleeping in a bean bag. "Why"? He fell asleep listening to dad read "Harry Potter & the Chamber of Secrets! When he's tired, he's tired too! Karsen always falls asleep the FASTEST!! 
One word to add to this picture:  LEGS!
This picture was taken first, all cuddled and cozy - but this kid has the longest legs. They seem to go on forever when he's in his undies!!.. We're not kidding! We had to buy him more pants today because he is outgrowing most of what he has. He's wearing 7 slims, but needs 8 skinnys (do they make those?).  He needs the length for his oh so long legs
Back to the sleep thing.. Cambria & Karsen are a piece of cake when it comes to enjoying sleep! Colten, on the other hand, doesn't want to miss a thing! He actually has sleeping issues because he is always so worried about everything! Like what mom & dad are watching on tv; if his alarm is going to go off in the morning; if mom & dad can remember to come check on Karsen for school (when Colten was sick this week), & he also stays awake for hours in the early AM hours just because he is watching the clock. So, this was normal to see at 9:15pm. Little brother & sister sleeping, while he is wide awake reading Harry Potter. He just wanted to see what happened next... something he figured out at a very young age! I can't recall how many nights Colten would say "Just one more book mom!" which would lead most likely to 3 or 4!
The only great pay-off for less sleep = He is an amazing reader!!


Amy said...

Okay, Karsen's legs, Hilarious! Man your kids are lucky, every one of them will be so dang tall. What cute pics, I love that Colten is reading such a BIG book for his little age, wowzers. In fact I got on Taylor to start reading more just from seeing this, so thank you.

Hey, I had super fun with you the other night, seriously why don't we do it more??? Thanks for being my Twilight buddy and loving Edward just as much as me. I will miss you while you're gone, have so much fun.

Stephanie said...

What a stinkin cute family. They are all so different, but awesome. love ya and hope that Thankgiving was good, missed ya :)

lvs2dance said...

HOLY CRAP! Those legs just don't end!!! You have Brett to blame for that one! LOL