December 25, 2008

It's Christmas Day! Hip Hip Hooray!!

Kids on Christmas Eve in their new pajamas.. come on boys, give your sister a kiss!
(Karsen's really not up for this!)
Merry Christmas Eve from all of us!
Cambria.. our little DIVA! Strike a pose!
Boys... you'd think Karsen was older in this picture...
Cambria on Christmas Eve.. thanks Papa Kirk & G'ma Sue!
Karsen on Christmas Eve... thanks Papa Kirk & G'ma Sue!
Colten on Christmas Eve... thanks Papa Kirk & G'ma Sue!
Daddy reading T'was the Night Before Christmas.. and that it is!
Cambria must have totally been on Santa's GOOD list!
Colten too!
Christmas morning and Karsen's just begun.. his favorite gift... GAMES & Race Car Track...(it can be made many different ways!
Colten and Karsen open their Santa gift... Laser Tag!! 
"Game On Brother!!"
Cambria with Zoobs.. she saw these on TV and had to have them!
All we really wanted for Christmas!
Cambria was so excited for these... now she can really be Hannah Montana!
Merry Christmas Karsen... you really were a good kid this year!
Merry Christmas Cambria.. you were good too!
Where's Colten's Pic??? he was too busy playing games in the basement to take one..
Christmas is over... the tree is barren!
Karsen had a rough day today.. I wouldn't normally put this in, but it is too funny!!
" Karsen is stekey = stinky "
Cambria playing with her POP BEADS!! Great gift from her brothers!
Dad & Cambria chillin and playing with her dolly that drinks and pee-pee's.. so cute!
NO, this is not a repeat picture...  it happened again!  I am really getting kind of tired of shoveling!!
G'pa Steve & G'ma Ann made it down for a Christmassy visit.. thanks for coming - wish you could have stayed longer!


lvs2dance said...

Looks like the Spencers made a haul this year! I'm glad that you guys had such a great christmas!

Caleen said...

Looks like everyone was very good this year.. looks like you are having so much fun and enjoying each other.. I love just hanging out too, playing games.. Have a Happy New Year to all... Love you.. Aunt Caleen