December 22, 2008

Snow! SNOW! SNow! Maybe we have enough NOW!

So, I had to take a bunch of pictures of today's storm... it was absolutely amazing!
We got so so much snow! at least 10 inches!!! SO, here's Brett out shoveling the back patio ... the banks are so high now.. Even Dash doesn't know what to do with the snow this BIG!
My husband is so thoughtful that be invited me out for a shoveling party - mind you that no other female was out shoveling at this time!! I am tough!!
Our house all LIGHTED UP for the HOLIDAYS!  and...
It's still snowing!!!
Just so pretty and look at all that snow.. no, really really... look again!!
So, Can't get out this way....
and can't get out this way.. I think I'll just stay home today!
More and More shoveling.. way to go honey!!
Maybe this year's snow will get him to move somewhere warmer...
We definitely win the longest driveway on the street award and it's all plowed!
Thanks to Brett's finishing touches and a great neighbor who has a snow blower - that's got to fit in the budget next year!!
We hope you enjoyed seeing our snowy day... hopefully we get a break!!


Amy said...

Look at you out there shoveling. I kept thinking all day that I would go out and start, but then it just kept snowing and snowing and snowing. So here are the Murphy's with all this snow that needs to be shoveled, hint hint. Good job, and your house looks great by the way.

Hey the girls LOVED their aprons, thanks again, you seriously are the best!

Grandma Sue in warmer than Utah--California said...

I have been a little sad because we didn't get to come to Utah for Christmas but......after seeing all these cold pictures maybe staying in Cali isn't so bad!!!!We have been cold but not as cold as you. I am not a good shoveler but I can make hot chocolate for the shovelers!!!Love the videos of Cami singing. Maybe you need to take her to Hollywood!! I think there is music in that girls bones. For sure there is music in her blood!!!!hahaha Enjoyed all the beautiful pics. Thanks for your hard work and the time it takes to post on the blog. Love

Caleen said...

Merry Christmas... Looks like a winter wonderland... So beautiful..
I really don't like to be cold... but, I love the pictures and it is so beautiful at this time of year..
Hope Santa was good to the kids.. Cambria is a little singer.. They all are a sweet bunch.. Missed you at Grandpa cal's dinner.. Merry Christmas..

Anonymous said...

light up is wondeful !
I like it !

lvs2dance said...

I hear ya about the shoveling! But you are lucky, my hubby won't do it. I have always done it, even when I am pregnant. You do need a snow blower though cause you have a very long driveway!