January 5, 2009

Happy New Year! 2009

Happy New Year 2009!!
We are already back in school and missing the sleep-in mornings! We are doing great and had an amazing Christmas Break! We played, skied, played, watched movies, snorkeled in a crater, slept, snowboarded and watched "Bedtime Stories"!  What more can you ask for than to spend so much fun time being together as a family! It was terrific!!
Karsen, Cambria & Colten ready to rock in 2009!!
Just a few quick pics of Cambria - she loves to be in front of a camera lately!
What a silly girl!
Okay, even sillier! But oh so cute!!
Here is "Zaida" our cat - just trying to stay warm! I can't blame her. When are these freezing temperatures going to go away?  (If you can't tell, she's laying under our kitchen cabinets directly in front of the heating vent... It explains why my feet haven't been as warm lately while doing the dishes. She's been stealing the HEAT!)
Speaking of which - we had another big storm today and are deep deep in snow!!


Amy said...

I love that pic of your 3 kids, the all look so so cute! Happy New Year to you guys! Let's try another night of getting together to play games where I am actually there. And I'm up for a girls night how about you?

Mom in warmer california said...

Cute Pics!!! Cute kids!!!! Cute apron!!!! Smart Cat!!!! lvoe MOM

lvs2dance said...

I love the pic with all the kids...that is so cute!

lvs2dance said...

btw- I am totally in for a girls night of gaming, maybe even a hot tub dunking too. :0)