February 7, 2009

Basketball Birthday Blast!

Boys out playing Basketball after school on Colten's Birthday! They would play all day if weather allowed for it! Luckily, all the ice patches are gone!
Colten taking a side shot...and for the record, it went in!  And "No", I don't think he'll ever wear his pants any higher or LOWER I might add... Let's hope at least!
Another shot made by the Coltster...
Mom made me look... got to have one pose for the camera!
And Yes, we know he needs a haircut - it's scheduled for Tuesday!!
Okay, Karsen.. you ready?? cause here I come!
Dribble, Dribble, Spin, Look for the basket, Get open and
Shoot... = SCORE!
Karsen goes up for a shot.. what natural form he has!
I love his tongue... isn't that what all real ball players do?
Dad & boys having a shooting tournament...
Time for more fun = Ripstick Fun! Colten's smooth moves & ease of learning new things has made it easy for him to learn how to Ripstick!
This pic has to go up in his room... he loves sports!! EXTREME Sports!
Just look at our boy - he's so good and even crazy on the Ripstick! 
I got it... Karsen's famous "WINK" .... this boy loves to wink when he's happy or when he's done something good and knows he made you happy! So, if you even get this look from Karsen - you should be honored!
ANd here it is.. as natural as I'll ever be able to catch on video!


Amy said...

Such natural talent!! I need to get both their signatures now so when they are famous I can say, "I've watched both of them grow up!" Hee Hee! Very cool, and I LOVE that Colten can rip stick, he needs to give Tay some lessons!

pilatesmommy said...

How cute....your little boys are so cute! I love his winks, it cracks me up the different ways kids show their excitement. Conner screams this really high pitch scream when he's excited.