March 31, 2009

Karsen's Family B-Day Party!

Karsen's decorations.. I do this for the kids around the fireplace every year. It's a tradition I guess!
Karsen's Birthday dinner.. Avocado Grilled Burgers, Barbeque Chips, Tator tots, Fruit, Soda, Milk Duds, Reeses Pieces and Whoppers! What a lucky boy!
That's right - if you didn't catch it, we had AVOCADO grilled cheeseburgers - Mmmm! It was so good I don't think we'll eat another burger without it! 
Karsen's family presents... A DS game from Colten, Bakugans from Cami and the Nintendo DS from mom & dad!  HE is the ULTIMATE GAMEBOY afterall!
And of course, his Basketball B-Day cakes! We also went to see a movie.. "Escape to Witch Mountain"  He had an awesome day!


Amy said...

I love all the cute pics of Karsen growing up, what a freaking little handsome dude! And a sweet little guy at that. Very cute. You always do such a fun job for your kids birthday's, isn't it so much fun. I swear we look forward to the kids birthday's the day after they just had one. Fun Fun

Caleen said...

Happy Birthday Karsen... Looks like you had a great birthday. You are a handsome boy!! Hope it was super great.. Aunt Caleen

Stephanie said...

Happy Birthday and I love you and all the great pictures! See you soon!