April 15, 2009

the FINAL Days! Sundance & Powder Mtn.

You guessed it... time to put away the ski outfits.. (tears shedding) and wait 'til next season!
Ski season gear 2008-2009
Skiing on the very last day Sundance was open with Davy, Marin & Levi Kammer. It was a beautiful, warm day - we couldn't have asked for more!
Colten and Levi taking a break on a very steep mountain.. Watch out below! If Levi or Colten slide down - it was a very long drop!
Colten and Karsen gearing up for some jumps!
Karsen & Colten skiing with G'pa Steve @ Powder Mountain one Saturday night!
Here are 2 more videos of Colten & Karsen skiing the grinds!!


Grandma skiing Sue in Cali said...

Loved the videos. Those boys are getting a little too crazy. (they must be related to their dad!!!) What a ski season. Your family has sure taken advantage of a long ski season!!!