April 13, 2009

Spring Break Silly Stories

So, we took the kids to see the new Hannah Montana movie and of course, they loved it! Cambria cuddled Brett the whole time with giggles and a smile - which lasted the entire movie! She sang ALL the songs and danced her way out of the movie theater. When we asked her how she knew all the songs, her reply was "  I watch the Disney channel a lot mom and you don't!" Colten and Karsen liked the movie too. (I think it's because Miley Cyrus is so cute!) I caught Colten singing her songs a few times and asked him how he already knew the songs. "Mom, I listen to them on the computer all the time." Karsen won't admit it, but he too was singing her songs "the Climb and the Hoedown Throwdown"and dancing in his seat. It was a great Monday night out with the kids!

When we got home, we had our grilled hamburgers with avocado, french fries and strawberries for dinner and then got into the hot tub @ 104! HOT!! Cambria was talking (non-stop) and told me that her new word was "AWKWARD". I asked her what it meant and she told me "it means kind of wierd". Okay, so she knew what it meant. I was puzzled and asked her how she knew that. She said "Mom, I watch TV a lot. I know what everything means!" Well - I've got to give it up to TV for at least teaching my kid new words, right? At least she's learning something from all her favorite TV shows. Which by the way are: Sonny with a Chance, Suite Life of Zach & Cody, Hannah Montana, and a new one with Demi Lavato in it.... anyway - she's growing up too fast! Most moms who have girls her age tell me that their daughters don't even care who Miley Cyrus / Hannah Montana is.. meanwhile, Cambria knows all of her songs!! What am I gonna do?


Amy said...

Hey I LOVE all your updates, seriously I have been SOOOOO sick that I haven't even talked to you forever! Glad things are good. I thought you were going to Cali this week? Are you doing anything fun? I actually feel okay today so I'm on the computer getting updated. LOVE all your pics, you guys are always doing such fun things! Love ya!!