April 12, 2009

Sundance..the end of the Season = 2 full days of skiing!!

Sundance.. APril 2, 2009  Still Skiing!! Till the END!
It's still beautiful.. warm.. can it just snow one more time?
Mom & Cambria enjoying a day together with the boys..
The boys on the lift together. They skied alone on the slopes & passed us so many times! They thought it was GREAT!!
Karsen & Cambria taking a break... it was such a warm day Cambria didn't want to ski with her gloves! Imagine that!
Dad & Colten on flight to the top of Sundance! You can definitely tell we are getting low on  snow in Utah! Just look at the background!
Our DREAM came - MORe SNow!! & you guessed it.. we are SKIING! Again! Just look at how beautiful it was. And it snowed lightly on us all day long!
Cambria so cute in her NEW Ski outfit for next year!! What a babe!
Mom snowboarding another day - it's the best rush! I just crave it!
Karsen skiing a powdery trail.. it was so nice & fluffy!
Cambria, Colten and Karsen enjoying the newly fallen snow.. 
FLy Baby Fly - yep, it's Brett flying through the air.. 
"It's Just like old times" - he feels like a kid all over again!
ANd here is COlten taking right after him. 
Karsen too! Fly boys Fly!