May 14, 2009

Canyon + Friends = Fun

American Fork Canyon is so beautiful.. the water is rushing fast and the trees are bright green! We are definitely lucky to have this place as our backyard!
the Spencer Kids..I know, they are growing up so fast!
Cambria (5 on June 4th), Colten (8) and Karsen (7)
Brett climbing up BIG rocks with the kids! This was a very TALL rock and the kids had fun sliding down - it was so slippery!
Katelyn & Jacob climbing straight up! We had to watch the kids on this one... it was a vertical climb & they had to throw themselves over at the top. The kids thought it was EASY!
Karsen wanted to climb everything! It didn't matter how high or steep... he could just do it!
Colten, Karsen, & Cambria taking a picture for mom-
"Come on mom... just take the picture!"
Me (taking the picture) & the gang! the Taylors, Nelsons & Spencers enjoying the best grilled hamburgers ever! SO GOOD that all the men had a DOUBLE BURGER!
But what's the best part of going up the canyon?
the Spencer kids getting warm by the campfire until it was dark... then, we followed Dad home on his roadbike (up to 40 mph) and went to sleep! What a FUN NIGHT!
Can't wait to do it again!