May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day 2009

There's nothing better than being a mom!
Especially to these 3 great kids! Thanks for an awesome day
Mom, Colten (8), Karsen (7), and Cambria (4)
What a good looking bunch of kids! I'm a lucky MOM!
Colten wrote me a Mother Poem: He said I'm  Marvelous Outstanding Talented Helpful  Enchanting Rare
Karsen says I'm the BEST mom EVER & drew a picture of me??
We told him for Mother's Day, I get to give him a kiss on the lips... Karsen's not fond of kissing and has avoided me all day so far! He just smiles and hides his lips when he sees me!
Cambria wore the dress I made for her.. so pretty! She told her teacher these things about me today: I have BLONDE hair.. GREEN eyes.. I'm 18 years old.. I am 6 inches high.. My favorite color is RED, I weigh 40 lbs and I love STRAWBERRIES!  I'd say she knows her mommy pretty well!
Cambria loves BUGS! She keeps trying to get me to hold them, but her daddy assured her that she is much more DARING and TOUGH than her MOMMY!


Amy said...

Very cute, glad you had a good day. Love all the pics and I LOVE Cambria's answers, that's a girl I need at my house. Good to see you today.