June 2, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend

Coach Brett and the Grasshoppers.. we know.. what a team name!! The boys have had an awesome year!
What's Memorial Day without a delicious barbeque?
It's easy to make jam with a little cute helper like Cambria.. She loves to help in the kitchen making things = #1 Cookie Dough, #2 Cookies #3 Cookie Dough #4 Strawberry Jam
And here we are finishing up Day #1 of Strawberry Jam!
Brett & Cambria up horsin' around on G'pa Steve's horses.. Cambria just loves it!
Colten takes a turn riding with dad!
Grand-Daughters Cambria, Samantha, Sahara and Sydney sitting on G'pa (Cowboy) Steve's truck watching the horses go round and round!
We even had a camp-out in the backyard - it's basically in the mountains right? Watch the video to see what the boys came up with! (And yes, they did rip the tent. Luckily, I have a fancy sewing machine to fix it!)


Grandma Sue said...

A fun weekend. Especially like the tent video. Very creative.