June 1, 2009


WEDNESDAY, MAY 27th, 2009
Cambria's Pre-School Little Scholars Academy Graduation Day
2009 Graduating Class: Riley, Landon, Cambria, Dallin & Jack
She's so excited and very ready to start Kindergarten! YEA!
Here she is singing her Henrietta Hippo song solo for the letter "H"
She's definitely having a good time!
Cambria is the final PRESCHOOL GRADUATE of our family! 
(Maybe I'll send Brett next year.. hee hee)
After her graduation, we went to eat at the Blue Bistro.. yummy!
Carson and Cambria - they kind of liked each other this year! He's an excellent choice - Very tall, handsome and really funny!


Grandma Sue said...

I remember when everyone came for her blessing!!! How did she get old enough to be finished with preschool already? I don't know about you but I cry everytime I think about her starting school!!!!! Growing tooooo fast!