July 10, 2009

Cambria's new haircut & my purse!

Cambria's first pictures of her NEW look! We love our shorter hair.. just check her out!
Cambria's always gotta be silly when taking a picture!  Her hair is so adorable on her and so much fuller now! 
A project my mom & I started and I finally finished a few weeks ago.. I have started another one and it's so cute! They are so much fun to make!


Amy said...

She looks darling!! Love your purse, hmmm.....my birthday is coming up you know! Hee Hee. You always make the cutest things.

Caleen said...

Cute hair and it is such a pretty color. She is a cutie! Love the purse.. Great design. You do make really great things..

Brooke said...

OMG I love that purse!!! If I saw it in a store I would so flippin buy it!! BTW... love the new looks!!