October 4, 2009


Brett loves to BIKE! On this particular day, he rode over Traverse Mountain to the Draper Temple and back home. During his ride, he came upon the Tour de UTAH race and asked us to meet him at the top of Traverse Mountain to see their big climb!
Waiting for the riders... some of whom raced in the Tour de France!
and the racers arrive... at the top!
it was an amazing sight.. made me want to ride too!
Brett on his way back home.. we rode by him and the kids shot these pictures! Brett's fastest recorded time downhill is 54 mph... a sight I don't like to watch!
What a guy.. so handsome in his biking attire!!


Amy said...

Way cool pics!!! He does look quite handsome in his attire. Tell him to get Jake on the wagon!! Can't wait to hang tonight, woo hoo!