November 3, 2009

Spencer's Rock Climbing Adventure

September 19: A Day in the Canyon
Tyler and Colten catching whatever they can get their hands on..
Mason and Karsen waiting to watch the climbers!
And I'm going up!
Nancy cruisin' to the TOP!
Chad hooking up Hailee!
A great shot of Hailee and mommy Nancy!
"I wonder how they do it? Maybe I can show them! Doesn't look hard - just grab that rock, then that one; then throw my foot up on... GOT IT! When's it my turn?"
Like he said - "IT'S NOTHING!"
How high do you need me to go?
My man Brett.. just look at those ripped LEGS!
Even OLD MAN Spencer gave it a try = not bad!
Ready to catch any miss-fall...
Chad showing everyone who's BOSS!
And he's even got the GUNS to prove it!


nspency said...

So much fun....we need to do it again when it's warm again!

Amy said...

These are the coolest pics Kirst and seriously your narrows pics are the coolest. How fun that you took the kids, we LOVE it down there!

Hey thanks for the calls lately, they are so appreciated. Yes it's 2:30 in the bloody morning and I have been still having contractions, painful ones at that, sheesh! I will definitely keep you posted. Love your guts!

Mom in Cali said...

Looks like so much fun. Maybe we should come in the summer and try some of these fun hikes!!!! Mom in Cali