December 13, 2009

Time for Halloween 2009

It's Halloween and the kids are decked out and ready to TRICK-OR-TREAT!
It's a family tradition to see how many cool pumpkins we can carve. I think we did pretty darn good this year - Thanks Honey!
Karsen chose to be a NINJA again - what a surprise! Colten was a WEREWOLF!
Cambria was Miley Cyrus/HANNAH MONTANA!
Can't you hear her singing!
Cambria & her friends!
G'ma Sue even got to go to the class parties!
Mom and Werewolf Colten
Colten & his friends!
Karsen & his friends!
Karsen, Colten and Josh Kramer ready for a BIG NITE!
Sing it Cambria.. I mean Hannah!