January 24, 2010

A Christmas Dream Come True

Most of you know how much I love music! but, what do I Love MORE? an amazing musical piano solo concert! So what did I want the most for Christmas '09? Tickets to the Jon Schmidt Christmas concert for the family. I had to cry many tears & put up a pretty good fight to get the tickets. Brett & the kids surprised me the night before the concert. I was SO SO SO HAPPY that I cried a few tears. The BEST PART of the concert - the KIDS ABSOLUTELY LOVED it & recognized the songs. They would say " Mom, you play that one at home!" I also found Brett smiling & laughing quite a bit! I hope it can become a Christmas Tradition of ours... I can only WISH! (or just purchase the tickets myself).

What happened to blogging? I can't upload a video.. when I figure it out.. I will put one on.


Caleen said...

I have never heard of him.. Will have to check out his songs.. What a fun suprise for you..