May 30, 2008

Marathon Finisher!

Brett ran the Ogden Marathon May 17th and finished well! His dad (Steve) biked the trail and kept Brett running...even with bloody toes! He also lost a few toenails because of it. (I don't know is running is worth that?) I'm proud of his accomplishment and dedication to doing things that stretch his abilities. He finished in a little over 4 hours. Way to go babe! We are proud of you! Something else to say you've done.. is there anything you can't do? We haven't found it yet! 


gbell said...

you are such an animal! Running through the bleeding toes. . . Calm down Shilling! It is not worth it...way to go! You are my Hero.

I want to do a triatholon next year ('09). Perhaps the Ogden Valley again. Apparently you have no problem doing the same race twice.

Stephanie said...

Happy Birthday! You are so, so, old. Great job on the marathon. Have a great B-day. love ya