May 13, 2008


Never thought this would ever happen.. it did! 
We've added a new addition to our family. Meet RIGBY
He's the cutest, most adorable chihuahua we saw today! 
Cambria has won the little doggy war and is in heaven! 
She's wanted a little "toy" doggie for awhile and we just did it! 
Don't ask us why!
I just have to say that kids make you do some really crazy things!
So far, so amazing for the kids. It's only been about 4 hours! 
We surprised them with RIGBY after school and they were blown away!
  Like they said "Now Dash has a buddy to play with!" 
We introduced the two dogs and they really are having fun. 
Brett is holding RIGBY in his two hands.. he's so tiny right now! 
He weighs a little more than 1 pound.
Do you think she's happy?
Karsen is definitely crazy for the puppy! 
His 1st words: "Is he ours?.. We can keep him?.... COOL!
Colten says he can definitely stay!
Our little man... RIGBY!


Amy said...

Honestly Kirst, he is the cutest little thing ever. Now my kids want one since we met cute little Rigby, (thanks a lot)! I just told them we can visit little Rigby anytime. Good hanging a bit tonight.

gbell said...

Is that real? That can't be real. I am going to bring Jake over and he will use that as a chew toy. We could play fetch with Rigby and Jake. Jake will have a great time fetching Rigby.