July 14, 2008

4th of July

Uncle Kyle, Aunt Sarah and their American Bulldog, Harley came to see us over the 4th of July! We got to keep Harley at our house for a night and Cambria kept teasing them that he was going to stay! Luckily Brett's thought of ever having a big dog left him after this visit.. this dog is cool, but is actually harder work than having kids! Really guys - it is! You can't take your eye off him for fear of what may happen! He really is loveable and a real teddy bear.. His best friend became our littlest dog - Rigby! Thanks for staying with us...the kids talked about it for days! By the way.. this is almost the perfect family for you too.. 3 dogs and 3 kids!! Think about it! They're even all looking at the camera! (You can't have these 3 kids though..too much work to get them to the easier stages of life!)
Colten having as much fun as you can with sparklers on the 5th of July. We actually went to the Thanksgiving Point Firework Show and hung out as a family playing games and eating hot dogs, hamburgers and the best of all...Kettle Corn!!
Karsen's extremely silly face as he lights up the fireworks!!
If you know Cambria.. you know she is in HEAVEN with her little doggy! She carries him everywhere and he puts up with it! Sorry Rigby... she just really really loves you! She told me that "she was just teaching Rigby how to ride a scooter - it's okay mom!" she said
Rigby and Harley... Rigby's thoughts: "I'll just step all over this big dog if he thinks he's gonna hang in my yard!"  Harley's thoughts: " I wonder if he tastes any good!"


Jay, Holly, Talen said...

That picture of Cambria with Rigby in her shirt cracks me up. She really loves that dog. Tell Brett great job on the basement. Holly