July 14, 2008

Another Bathroom to Clean!

Here are some pics of our newest bathroom.. now we officially have 3 1/2 bathrooms. I personally think it's time Brett cleans at least 1! Well, we are finished!! It's quite amazing and sometimes unbelieveable, but we did it or I think I can say for the record... Brett did it!He has been working so hard to finish the bathroom - the last of the projects..at least for now! He would like to build shelves soon in the garage, build a patio cover in the backyard,extend our laundry room & add a 3rd car garage..okay so the list does go on and on,  but this was a gigantic accomplishment for him. He completely (with a little help from my muscles) finished the bathroom himself! All the way from tiling, grouting, installing the toilet, wiring the electrical (all of which works), putting in a vanity and granite countertop, mirror and lighting! He even hung the light you see which was an undertaking since the outlet box was not centered. He is amazing and I guess I have to give him more and more credit for being so handy!

He also hooked up all the plumbing to the toilet, sink faucet and bathtub/shower!  If it ever leaks...... I'll still love you. Isn't is beautiful though? My only wish is that is would always stay this clean! Probably not since it's officially the boyz bathroom! He did let me flush the un-used toilet first! It was so cool that it worked.. you just had to be there!
The other end of the shower! He really did do a grat job with the tiling..the lines are perfect!! He also had the idea to put a bench in - a very new concept in high-end bathtubs! (Ha Ha) He also added the cool shelving and we love the high border which adds the coolness factor! Put it all together and the boys will tell you that their bathroom, solely to be theirs (and whoever else dares to use it) is the coolest ever! And mom hasn't even got to decorate it yet!!
Karsen's room in the basement is coming together since he gets to keep the monkey room, he has all the decor he needs already! We are still working on it and want to add cool paint to the wall above his bed..that will take time! Colten's room is going to take a little longer since he wants a skateboard room and I've got to go on a skateboard search for some cool things.. I hope there's stuff out there!
For those of you who know me well, you'll appreciate this picture! I think it says it all! Yes, this is Karsen's closet and he WILL keep it this way!! Colten's looks just the same!


Mom,G'ma Sue said...

This blog was really fun to read. That basement is amazing, I can't believe it is really done!!!!Looking forward to seeing it in Sept. Thanks for all the great pictures- I feel so much more connected to your lives!!!

Love MOM

nspency said...

The basement looks great ...you guys did a good job. Isn't it such a relief to be done with it?That's quite a closet for a little kid. I wish MINE was so clean and organized. Anyway...looks good!

Amy said...

Seriously who just has that organized of a closet, oh yah I'm talking to my freakishly organized friend Kirst. Wow, everything looks so dang good, I love that it's done. Now you can have a fun little party with friends okay?

Cute pic of your Grandpa playing the trumpet, precious! Can't wait to hang out!

Jay, Holly, Talen said...

Hey Kirstin I was just on the pottery barn website and they had a lot of skateboarding stuff, bedding, lamps, etc...