July 27, 2008

Our adventure in St. George!

Brett says.."Let's go on this really cool hike my brother Chad told me about!"  Well, here's the short story of our adventure!! Starting the hike off wasn't so bad - Tight Quarters, but we manage, even with a few hesitations from Mom. "This just doesn't look fun honey" I said.
"Come on babe.. it's really not that bad, you can do it!" says Brett. Colten on the other hand is not quite so sure about following his dad.
After Brett faces defeat, he gently turns (well, not really.. he can't move his head) to me and says: "Okay, so I can't get through...You're gonna have to go after the kids!" Karsen and Cambria were way ahead and climbing higher and higher.
After squeezing through the skinniest and deepest crack I've ever been in, I finally see why it was No Wonder Brett didn't fit!..this is what is looked like from above! Sorry honey, it's just not meant to be conquered by STRONG, MUSCULAR Guys!
Cambria & I coming out of the top...a piece of cake! One success ahead of Brett! Wait just a second.. did I just do something he couldn't do?? (That never happens - unless you include cleaning bathrooms or folding the laundry.) THE END!


Amy said...

Wow, that's just a little too close for comfort. Where is that hike anyway? I'm glad you guys had a good time, but we really missed you on our girls night. Boo Hoo. Thanks for taking me by myself though, you are so thoughtful. I really wished I would have remembered my camera.

nspency said...

I LOVE that place. I too loved that it was easy for me and not so easy for Chad. Not fair they always get all the glory ...right? Anyway, glad you guys were able to find it, it's a fun place.

on the rivet with J & D said...

Hee Hee! We experienced just about the same exact thing a couple months ago, except that my girls did it 3 times before I got the nerve to do it! yikes! my heart is pumpin' now thinking about it!

lvs2dance said...

YIKES! I don't know that I could do that...I don't do well in tight quarters! It looks like you guys had so much fun. We missed you at Amy's bday dinner though!