July 26, 2008

Time in St. George

We just took a short, but fun trip to St. George. It was scorching HOT.. but we still took short hikes, swam and had a blast!
Brett and the kids climbed up on this big rock!
Despite the heat... they were all smiles and having fun!
Mom & the kids after we climbed out of the skinnest, narrowest rocks ever!! You'll see in the earlier pictures! Brett didn't even fit they were so close together! His chest is too thick!!! (I think it was his chest anyway!)
Karsen taking a rest after enduring a big hike through the narrowest canyon ever! Some people even call it the NARROWS!!
Just Beautiful St. George!! One word to describe it this week...HOT!! 


Anonymous said...

What a cute family! I know, even though we live down the street from each other, I LUV pictures and seeing all the fun things that you all are doing! I'm plannin on Amys bday party FOR SURE! Can't wait!:)) Hope your cute family had a good holiday!